Cruising Toward Her 94th Birthday: Active Adult

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senior citizen turning 94Marg Bankert’s sharp purple suit is nicely accented by her sporty silver Celica, which bears a personalized license plate asking, “Y-Rush”. This saucy, petite woman is anything but your typical senior citizen. Not only is she still actively involved in her community and church, but she also, at 93, still “dresses to the nines.” Adorned in vibrant purple, Marg’s color choices reflect her zest for life.

After marrying, Mrs. Bankert no longer worked outside of the home. Instead, she worked diligently as a devoted wife and attentive mother. The wife of a naval officer, she was faced with the challenge of constantly moving throughout her life. Despite the constant change, she managed to create a stable and loving home for her three children. After retirement, Marg and her husband settled in Lansdale, PA. An active bridge player, cook, and entertainer, Marg quickly became an integral part of the community.

Mrs. Bankert continues to be an avid reader and socialite, attending concerts, plays, and church events. She still enjoys backing pies and chocolate chip cookies for these events. She also frequently visits her three children and their families and her granddaughter and two great-granddaughters.

While Marg doesn’t see any reason to get in a hurry, she still keeps rolling. For this reason, her influence as a vibrant and vivacious woman continues to be felt throughout her family and the community. Currently cruising toward her 94th birthday in her sports car, Marge Bankert is the epitome of an active senior who continues to make the most every moment.

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