Creating a Warm and Inviting Home

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Frances Jansen is no stranger to making transitions. During World War II, she moved from rural Kansas to Washington D.C. to work for the government in 1943. Years later, after her husband was transferred to Iran for his career, Frances joined him when their youngest son graduated high school.

But what turned out to be the most challenging process for Frances was downsizing from her family home in Bethesda. Though she had stayed home for six years following her husband’s passing, she knew moving to an apartment in Riderwood of Silver Spring meant a maintenance-free lifestyle.

“As much as I love to garden, it was all just getting to be too much to take care of,” said Frances.

She realized, however, that she would need a great deal of assistance. While her daughter visited to help her, Frances knew she could not stay in the area for long. It was then that Frances contacted her brother-in-law, a former real estate agent, who connected her with the Bethesda Long and Foster. From there, she was referred to Lana Barth, ASID, an expert who could help Frances with the organization and design of her future home.

“She took pictures, measured the apartment and told me what furniture I should bring,” said Frances, “How my surroundings look is very important to me and I couldn’t have done it without her.”

On the day of the move, Frances said all pieces of furniture had been marked with where they were to be placed. Lana also arranged to be at the apartment when the movers arrived in order to direct them accordingly.

“She even made sure the kitchen boxes were packed last and had someone come in to make sure it was all placed away,” said Frances.

Lana arranged the furniture to create what Frances said is an attractive as well as a warm and inviting place.

“She placed the furniture beautifully and utilized the space so well,” she said. “People come into my apartment and say how lovely it is.”

Now Frances is enjoying life to the fullest at her new home and is happy to have made a friend during her move. She knows exactly who to consult when it comes to the design of her apartment, though she said she made one small adjustment on her own.

“I changed it back, Lana was right all along,” Frances said with a laugh.

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