Creating a Personalized Care Plan: Care Management

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personal care plan for retired peopleRaymond Cromley’s first job was with a newspaper in Japan. Fulfilling a lifelong desire for travel and adventure, Raymond took the job shortly after graduating from Cal Tech with a degree in math and physics. Mr. Cromley quickly proved himself as a journalist and eventually became the Tokyo correspondent for the Wall Street Journal.

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Mr. Cromley was still living in Tokyo. The Japanese considered him a spy and imprisoned him. After six grueling months, he was released as the result of a prisoner exchange. Following a safe return to the States, Mr. Cromley felt inspired to join the military, where he rose to rank of Colonel. He served his country until the end of the war, when he decided to combine his two passions by writing on military affairs. Mr. Cromley had a very successful column that ran in nearly 500 papers, and he worked everyday until he was well into his 90s.

While Raymond found his journalistic endeavors rewarding, his most important job has always been that of father. His wife, Helen, passed away in 1967, and he raised their seven children by himself. Raymond’s beloved children were the first to notice that their father was starting to have some short term memory problems. Knowing that their independent father would be resistant to help, his children were really unsure about how to address his retirement needs. They turned to a friend who was a social worker, and she recommended a geriatric care management firm called ESM Cares.

Mr. Cromley’s son, Bill, relates, “Mary Ann Buckley of ESM Cares came out to the house and met with the family and found out who we were and who my father was. She tried to create a care plan around my strong-willed and independent father. She chose a care manager named Martha Gaston. What made Martha so special was she was able to ease my father’s doubts and uncertainties. She really understood his unique personality. We were in awe.” With the help of the neutral care manager, the family was able to make decisions that were best for them all.

After determining that their father had suffered from a series of small strokes, which had caused his memory loss, the family decided that a move to an assisted living community would be the best option. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Cromley moved to The Sylvestry, an assisted living community that specializes in dementia care. Bill Cromley is quick to point out that this transition was made much easier because of the care management services the family used: “After 90 plus years of perfect health, we were spoiled. We had never thought of anything going wrong with our father, and we were at a complete loss about what to do. ESM Cares helped make a difficult situation very smooth.” The Cromley family can now rest easy knowing that their father is safe and cared for in his new home.

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