Senior Living: Continuing Active Lifestyles

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“We’re busier than ever,” said a chuckling Eleanor Kaufman of herself and husband Alex. This statement, however, may be a hard to grasp given their extensively active pasts.

The couple met in New York City when Alex was a licensed shipmaster and she worked on Wall Street at a law firm. They were married in 1950. Instead of sailing the far seas, Alex became a Chesapeake pilot and they moved down to Baltimore County.

“I wanted to be home with my bride,” he said.
As her husband ventured up and down the bay, Eleanor rode horses on their farm and had become a political activist. In this exciting time in her life, the pro-choice lobbyist traveled to Annapolis to meet with several legislators, and even had lunch with former governor William Donald Schaefer.

“It gets in your blood when you lobby for a cause,” said Eleanor, “Give me a stick and a sign and I’ll march anywhere.”

The year 1999 marked not only their near 50 years of residing in Baltimore County, but also their decision to move into Broadmead, a continuing-care retirement community (CCRC). With two adult children, the couple figured it was time to consider new living options.

The Kaufmans knew of Broadmead, and were familiar with its location. The community allowed them to stay in an area that had become so familiar to them, and its Quaker values also appealed to their sense of faith.

According to Alex, the CCRC meets all of their needs, including prescriptions and doctor exams, as opposed to other communities where there are extra fees for health care. Along with Eleanor’s appreciation of the relaxed country atmosphere, the couple agrees the warm neighbors feel like family.

“The people are very interesting and friendly,” said Alex, “This has been an expansion of the long-standing activities and connections we have off-campus.”

One thing is certain with the Kaufmans- their active lifestyle will not cease anytime soon. They boast about the many interest groups at Broadmead, from sewing to music. As part of their Residents’ Association, they continue making contributions to the community.

As for their future plans, one event in particular stands out to the politically-active couple.

“We’re looking forward to the election,” said Alex.

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