Certified Retirement Coach

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Retirement may be one of the greatest transitions in our lives and offer us some of our greatest challenges, yet most of us have only considered how much money we have saved and what trip we’d like to take.

But the truth is, there is much more to successful retirement years than finances and travel.

As a Certified Retirement Coach, my practice addresses achieving a retirement with purpose, passion, balance and fulfillment.

Residing in Southwest Florida, known to many as the retirement capital of the world, I have seen first hand how thousands relocate here, buy a waterfront home, new car and boat for their dock. One would think, with all these creature comforts, they would be the happiest retirees on the face of the planet. Some are, but many aren’t. Niceties such as housing, recreational activities, pensions and medical facilities are largely insignificant compared to our resolve to live a great life.

Living “the great life” begins with getting connected.

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