Celebrating the Art of Knitting with Active Adults

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active adult continuing care pa residentI met Dottie Gaul knitting, which seems to be one of the wonderful secondary gains of this addictive pastime. Dottie, a spunky 87 year old who resides at the Hickman House in West Chester, PA, would agree. She has met some marvelous folks in her life. Some of her most memorable and lasting friendships have grown out of the connection that knitting brings. “It attracts people, invites conversation, and brings us together,” shares Dottie.

Dottie moved back to the North East several years ago and has found many social and emotional connections here. Many of these connections are related to knitting, all because she picked up her knitting needles sixty years ago and decided to let her girlfriend teach her how to knit and purl. Later, she formed a connection with a live in border and her husband’s neighbor through knitting.

Dottie beams as she tells the story of vacationing in Maine with her long-time girlfriend, Kay. “We stayed up late into the night knitting. We had a ball,” she says. She confirms what most knitters know: “You meet people through knitting.”

Recalling the days when she knitted while warming her feet in a coal oven, she thinks about the differences between knitting then and knitting now. “We knitted out of necessity then, we needed to wear those mittens or socks that we made. We couldn’t afford to just go out and by a sweater,” she states. Nowadays, Dottie notes that there is more attention to style, design, and all the beautiful yarns.

“I’m just a plain knitter,” Dottie humbly states. “My advice for those young knitters just starting out is to simply keep knitting!” Dottie knows firsthand what a wonderful experience can be attached to a ball of yarn.

Dottie and I have become great friends over the past three years. I am very grateful to have met her, and thank my knitting needles for casting me her way. The women that I have met and continue to meet along my knit one, purl two journey have been inspirational to me in so many ways. They are the moving force in the creation of a newly formed organization called Wool Power. The mission of Wool Power is to bring knitters together to celebrate the art of knitting, through social and educational interactions.

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