Celebrating 60 Years with the Help of a Home Health Agency

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Theirs is a love story that most dream of having. Don and Polly Petersen met at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, where she was an art student and he was pursuing a degree in Engineering.

Grandparents Polly and Don Petersen Celebrate Their 60th Anniversary

Thanks to the help of a home health agency, Polly and Don Petersen have been able to remain together in an assisted living community.

“He stood out in the crowd,” said Polly. “I was instantly attracted to his charm and good looks when we sat at the same table of mutual friends while having coffee.”

Married after their graduation in 1951, the Petersens had three children. While the couple was highly involved in the greater community, Don worked for Lockheed Martin and Polly eventually became an antiques dealer.

Over the years, they never ceased to show their love for one another.  To throw Don a surprise 50th birthday party, Polly sold her longtime collectibles.  He in turn used some of her precious items to make her an exquisite and unique dollhouse.

In 1998, Polly was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.  As the illness progressed, she moved to the assisted living community Country Meadows.  Although Don visited every day, he knew in his heart they belonged together and fortunately a large apartment became available for them.

When Polly’s health issues became more prevalent, it was suggested she receive additional private duty care to also provide respite for Don. Right at Home, an in-home care company often used by other residents, came highly recommended. After spending time getting to know the company and seeing what they had to offer, Polly was introduced to her caregiver, Edwina. Their bond was instantaneous. As a Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.), Edwina has assisted Polly with bathing, personal care and hygiene.

The Petersens on Their Wedding Day

With Polly's diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease, the couple's devotion in their 60 years of marriage has never wavered through sickness and in health.

When asked how the assistance of Right at Home has impacted her life, Polly said, “A lot of things that I could not accomplish on my own, I was now able to accomplish with ease.  Normally, it would take me three hours to get dressed, but Edwina is so efficient and she knows me and my routine so well.”
Polly continued with a laugh, “I’d say she knows me by heart.  She is not only good at her job, but she is so kind, and compassionate. She really is such a comfort. To me, she is just like family.”

These days, the Petersens feel blessed to have recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. In sickness and in health, their love and devotion to each other has been remarkable and a true testament of time.

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