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April 29, 2014 9:20 pm

Real-Life Story–Jewish Social Service Agency (JSSA) Hospice

Beverly Kitzinger was a woman with incredible faith and undeniable strength. The mother of five children, she was also an accomplished elementary school teacher, who taught in the Montgomery County school system for 27 years while raising her family. While her husband, Joe, was a devout Catholic, who raised all of their children Catholic, Beverly always found strength and solace in her beliefs as a Christian Scientist. That strength was both tested and proved when she was diagnosed with breast […]

January 27, 2014 7:59 pm

New Survey Examines Public’s Views on End-of-Life Medical Treatments

At a time of national debate over health care costs and insurance, a new Pew Research Center survey on end-of-life decisions finds most Americans say there are some circumstances in which doctors and nurses should allow a patient to die. At the same time, however, a growing minority says that medical professionals should do everything possible to save a patient’s life in all circumstances. When asked about end-of-life decisions for other people, two-thirds of Americans (66%) say there are at […]

March 25, 2013 1:09 am


HOSPICE OF THE CHESAPEAKE FOUNDATION WELCOMES NEW BOARD MEMBERS Hospice of the Chesapeake announced today that the following business and community leaders were appointed in February to the Hospice of the Chesapeake Foundation Board of Directors. Tim McDonough, owner of TM Designs, an interior design company based in McLean, VA. McDonough was the lead designer for the Maryland Green Designer Show Home in Gambrills and serves on the Hospice of the Chesapeake’s Gala Committee and is co-chairman of the nonprofit’s […]

February 6, 2013 7:44 pm

Study: Beneficiaries Increasingly Moved to Hospice

Some 42.2% of Medicare beneficiaries died in hospice care in 2009 compared with 21.6% in 2000, according to a retrospective cohort study. However, that finding is clouded by the fact that just over a quarter of those using hospice (28.4%) in 2009 did so for fewer than 3 days and 40.3% of them moved to hospice after intensive care unit (ICU) stays. The researchers found that 24.6% of Medicare beneficiaries died in acute care hospitals in 2009, which was a […]

January 25, 2013 2:14 pm

Hospices Turn Away Patients Without Caregivers At Home

NPR reports that Twelve percent of hospices nationwide refuse to accept patients who don’t have a caregiver at home to look after them, according to a recent survey of nearly 600 hospice providers published in Health Affairs. That doesn’t jibe with the reality facing many hospice patients — roughly 42 percent of whom were living in a private home when they died, according to numbers for 2011 provided by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. And it’s not uncommon […]

October 24, 2012 1:09 am

Grant to Study Consumer Preferences Around Decisions for Hospice Care

Altarum Institute’s Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care (CCCHC) has been award a one-year $328,000 grant from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality to study consumer preferences related to quality measures for hospice care during challenging end-of-life transitions. CCCHC is partnering with the American Hospice Foundation to conduct this work. This will be the first study of its kind to assess consumer sentiment about the quality measures for hospice care approved by the National Quality Forum, and to […]

January 10, 2012 7:30 pm

National hospice company with faces Medicare fraud accusations

The Justice Department last week joined a whistleblower case against AseraCare in federal court in Birmingham, Ala. In its complaint, the government alleges AseraCare violated the False Claims Act when it misspent millions of taxpayer dollars intended for Medicare recipients with a prognosis of six months or less to live. The Justice Department is seeking restitution of three times the damages and a penalty of $5,500 to $11,000 per claim. The False Claims Act allows private citizens with knowledge of […]

August 8, 2011 9:30 pm

Medicare costs for hospice up 70%

Medicare costs for hospice care have increased more than in any other health care sector as for-profit companies continue to gain a larger share of the end-of-life medical market, government records show. From 2005 through 2009, Medicare spending on hospice care rose 70% to $4.31 billion, according to Medicare records. A recent report by the inspector general for Health and Human Services, which oversees Medicare, found for-profit hospices were paid 29% more per beneficiary than non-profit hospices. Medicare pays for […]

Would You Attend a Funeral For Someone You Don’t Know?
October 25, 2010 9:19 am

Would You Attend a Funeral For Someone You Don’t Know?

Most people would not attend a funeral for someone they didnt know (or had a connection to). Just like most people wouldn’t experience what its like to live in a Senior Living Community before they “need” to. Next month author Gail Rubin will attend 30 funerals and memorial services in 30 days. She states, “This ’30 Day Challenge’ will show that we need not fear having end-of-life conversations. Just as talking about sex won’t make you pregnant, talking about funerals […]

Facebook at your Funeral?
February 21, 2010 9:52 pm

Facebook at your Funeral?

I don’t have a crystal ball reading on the future of social media, but I do see a tremendous benefit to a platform like Facebook in preserving each of our own personal histories. These personal histories can be invaluable to families and friends as we celebrate the passing of our loved ones in the future. Facebook is still less than 10 years old; it offers us all an easy-to-use “journal” of ones thoughts, travels and life events. If you are […]