Caring From a Distance

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It is difficult enough dealing with the gradual decline of a loved one. Having to make choices about caregivers, nursing homes, and finances is taxing. Unfortunately, after a loved one has passed away, the demands continue. Cheryl Shonborn had a major issue to contend with after her mother died. Her mother’s home was in Maryland; Cheryl lives in New Jersey. Cleaning out a loved one’s home is physically and emotionally exhausting at the best of times. When you live far from the house, it adds another dimension of complexity.

Cheryl had been working on the house for some time-spending weekends getting things sorted out. The house had been sold, and time was running out. Cheryl located Senior Transitions, Inc in the Guide to Retirement Living. She contacted Charna Kinneberg and asked if her company could facilitate the emptying of the home.

Charna was able to sell many of the items in the home including shelves of books, furniture, and collectables. Items that could not be sold were donated or carted off to the dump. During the cleanout process, some items that the family had been unable to locate were found. These items, along with a small amount of furnishings, were shipped to Cheryl. Once the house was emptied, a cleaning service was brought in to bring it to a broom-swept condition.

For Cheryl, Charna’s assistance was indispensable: “Charna took over the process after one phone call. We communicated via email to nail down some of the details (which items I did not want to sell and anything I felt might be lost in the house), but Charna took care of everything in the four weeks we had before closing.”

According to Cheryl, “Charna knew exactly who to contact to make certain everything would be removed from the house. The day people came over to make offers on the books and furniture, she called to confirm that I was happy with the purchase prices. Without her, the closing date would never have been met.” With her mother’s house sold and the treasured family possessions safely delivered to her, Cheryl can now rest easy knowing that everything was dealt with in a timely and professional manner.

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