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Dr. William Renner is especially proud of his high school days at Boston Latin School, a prestigious public school whose graduates include Benjamin Franklin and Joseph Kennedy. Like many Boston Latin School graduates, Dr. Renner went on to attend Harvard, where he was inspired by a literature course to change his major from medicine to English. He was graduated in 1937 but was still uncertain about his career path; he therefore enlisted as a second lieutenant in field artillery in Burlington, Vermont.

After some time in the service, Bill was firmly decided on medicine as a career and was accepted at the University of Chicago Medical School. While working on his internship, the young doctor was called to active duty in the army.

He was stationed on the John W. Brown, the only Liberty Ship of WW II still in existence. For several years, he was on a series of hospital ships visiting Africa, Casablanca, Italy, Scotland, and England. During his service, he crossed the Atlantic 16 times and the Pacific four times.

While Bill was away, his wife and baby son lived in Frederick, MD with her parents. His wife did not want to leave Maryland, so Bill agreed to give Baltimore a one-year trial. That trial begin in 1945; he has been in Baltimore ever since!

After finishing his residency at Union Memorial Hospital in 1946, Dr. Renner went into private practice and continued to practice until April 2000. While on staff at Union Memorial as a cardiologist, Bill was on the executive committee for 16 years and was Chief of Staff for three years.

Now retired from active practice, Dr. Renner has settled in at Roland Park place, a retirement community in Baltimore. Dr. Renner has a long history with the community, having been asked to serve on the Board of Directors seventeen years prior to moving in. Since moving, he has been enjoyed the company of his fellow residents-many of them former devoted patients and Union Memorial colleagues.

In 2002, Dr. Renner was considering a move to the health center on the community campus. He was having difficulty adjusting to the many lifestyle changes and was suffering from depression. However, he really wanted to remain in his own apartment.

Dr. Renner found a home care agency to provide assistance and companionship to allow him maintain his independence. Since hiring We Care Private Duty Services, Inc, Dr. Renner’s quality of life has improved dramatically. He explains, “We Care has definitely helped my life for the better. I would probably be in the Health Care Center if I didn’t have this additional help. They also provide companionship, which is nice because I don’t like to be alone.”

Dr. Renner is now able to visit his brother in Rehoboth Beach, DE. He also enjoys attending pool therapy and exercising. With the additional assistance that home care has provided, Dr. Renner continues to live in his apartment independently.

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