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By: Christy Brudin

With the help of her caregiver from Old Dominion Home Care, Sandy Kabat is able to continue living in the house she has called home for 47 years. (Pictured are Sandy Kabat (right) and her caregiver Nydia Piraquive)

With the help of her caregiver from Old
Dominion Home Care, Sandy Kabat is able to continue living in the house she has called home for 47 years. (Pictured are Sandy Kabat (right) and her caregiver Nydia Piraquive)

When Bob and Sandy Kabat bought their house in Northern Virginia, it was still under construction. Through the years, the couple worked hard to make what was a nondescript foundation into a beautiful family home. That was nearly five decades ago. Sandy, now 88, still lives in the beloved home.

Sandy Kabat has been able to remain in her longtime family home with the help of caregivers from Old Dominion Home Care. A family-owned business, Old Dominion Home Care provides home care services throughout Northern Virginia, including companion care, personal care, transportation, respite care, and hospital and facility care. Since 2009, Sandy has called on Old Dominion to meet her family’s changing care needs—from help with her ailing husband to assistance recovering from multiple heart procedures.

An accountant by trade, Sandy majored in economics and held several accounting positions during her career. She even worked for her husband, serving as an accountant for an electrical cooperative that he managed. After taking several years off to care for the couple’s three daughters, Sandy returned to the workforce and held positions at multiple organizations before retiring.

When she wasn’t working, Sandy enjoyed gardening and reading. Today, her yard is still an immaculate showcase of her decades of hard work planting and grooming a diverse array of flowers and plants. With the help of her caregivers, she continues to garden when she can. A voracious reader, she is also still actively involved in two book clubs.

When Bob’s health needs increased, Sandy took on a caregiving role. After realizing that he needed more care than she could provide alone, she began interviewing home care companies. Sandy is a member of Mt. Vernon at Home, a part of the national village movement, and Old Dominion is one of their preferred home care providers.

“When I interviewed Old Dominion, the owners, Kenny and Sue, were very pleasant, intelligent and accommodating,” Sandy recalled. “Some of the other home health care owners were very aggressive, but at Old Dominion they were so professional and understanding.”

Old Dominion’s caregivers provided care for Bob until he passed away in early 2010. Sandy called on the agency again when she started to experience some heart problems and had to have several procedures performed. “For awhile, I was totally incapacitated. Old Dominion was working for me 24-hours a day because I couldn’t do anything,” she said.

Although Sandy’s health has improved dramatically, she still needs help with errands and housekeeping tasks. She also enjoys the companionship that a quality caregiver can provide.

For instance, her current caregiver, Nydia Piraquive, doesn’t just help Sandy with daily tasks and housekeeping chores, she has also become a good friend.

“She is so helpful, but it’s not just that,” says Sandy of Nydia. “She is also very kind and friendly. I know her family, and she knows my family. We have a friendship that goes beyond the care and assistance that she provides.”

Nydia’s care and companionship have given Sandy the ability to remain independent—and to continue living in the house that she has called home for nearly half a century. While her care needs may continue to change, Sandy has no plans to change her address.


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