Retirement Communities: Busier Than Ever

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 grandparents with a tennis racket in retirement communityWhen you first meet Herb and M-M Harris from Philadelphia, you might be surprised to learn they live at a retirement community. Always on the go, if the Harrises aren’t traveling across the globe, they’re busy playing tennis, bridge, or joining friends for the “Gourmet Club” to sample the best in local dining. Of course, that’s during their free time, when they’re not volunteering in the community, spending time with their children and grandchildren, or keeping up their fitness routine. In fact, they live such vibrant lives, you might ask them, why move if you don’t have to?

For the Harrises, the answer is simple “” they’ve chosen to live at the elegant Parkside at Rydal Park so life can be even more carefree. As the newest neighborhood of Rydal Park, the continuing care retirement community located in Abington Township, Parkside is ideal for people like Herb and M-M, who get the most out of each day they have.

“The truth is, we’re probably busier now than we’ve ever been,” laughs M-M. “Only now we’re doing more things we want to do, since we no longer have to shovel snow, rake leaves or take care of maintenance-type issues.”

The change in lifestyle that many people associate with moving to a retirement community is one people love at Rydal Park, say the Harrises. Rather than giving up their interests or ties to the community, they’re able to experience and enjoy even more.

“We don’t lack for things to do,” explains Herb. “We’re still very active in all the things we did before moving here. And as the president of the Residents’ Association, I’m always meeting with residents to gain insight into ways to make our community the best it can be.”

Currently, Rydal Park offers 45 different committees for residents to choose from, if they want to participate, in virtually every imaginable area of interest at the community “” dining, groundskeeping, programs “”there’s even a committee passionate about promoting healthier lifestyles through sustainability and recycling. Add in the numerous convenient services and amenities on site “” including a pool, fitness center, greenhouse, art gallery, library, restaurant dining and more, and there’s something for everyone. According to Herb and M-M, it’s the continuing care aspect of the community that makes all these new opportunities even more fulfilling.

“We really like the idea of continuing care,” explains M-M. “It’s such a great feeling to know if we ever need care, we’ll have it right here for as long as we need it “” and we won’t have to depend on our children. Both of our parents were in a retirement community like Rydal Park, so we know the advantages of having parents experience such a lifestyle. We want the best for our kids.”

Now that the community is undergoing a major campus renovation project, with recent upgrades including the brand new Club Room, library and salon spa, soon area seniors will have even more reason to call Rydal Park home. Currently underway is construction of the community’s brand new, state-of-the-art medical center, scheduled for completion in fall of 2011.

“It’s a very exciting time to live here,” says M-M. “There’s so much available to you that you wouldn’t have if you were living in a house or apartment somewhere. At Rydal Park, everyone really goes out of their way to meet each person and offer friendship and support. People can be as busy as their hearts desire. We absolutely love it here.”



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