Busier Now Than Ever Before: Active Adults

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elder woman independent living“I am busier now than I have ever been before,” says Josephine Bowen. She continues, “I haven’t even had time to read a good book lately.” Her schedule may be hectic, but she finds it rewarding. Mrs. Bowen is active and outgoing and is always willing to participate in community activities. Her high level of involvement led to her presidency. As the President of the Resident Council at Aspenwood, the independent and assisted living community in Silver Spring where she lives, Mrs. Bowen keeps her fellow residents informed and encourages them to participate.

Keeping people motivated comes naturally to this former teacher. Mrs. Bowen taught for 16 years in several different states. After her husband passed away, she retired from teaching and continued to live in their home in Ripley, OH. When she began to experience some health problems, she realized that her two children were too far away to be able to help. During her search for a retirement community near her daughter in Silver Spring, Mrs. Bowen looked at several places, but she knew instantly when she found the perfect fit.

She recalls, “The first time I walked in to Aspenwood I decided that this was where I wanted to live.” The community is not too big and has a friendly atmosphere, she explains. “I love to socialize, and with a community this size, you really get to know most of the residents and the staff,” says Mrs. Bowen.

The people at Aspenwood keep Mrs. Bowen motivated. “The staff members are really great, and I truly enjoy the company of all my friends here,” she says. Her level of involvement demonstrates her happiness. Mrs. Bowen volunteers at the community library, is a member of the bridge club, attends bible study, and participates in special activities and community outings. As a member of the Aspenwood players, she works with her fellow residents to select, rehearse, and perform plays at the community. “We try to do plays that have a theme about senior citizens, and we really like to perform for each other,” she says. For Mrs. Bowen, winding down comes in the form of exercise classes at the community. She notes, “My stretch and tone class is not very long or very strenuous, but I can always tell a difference if I don’t go.”

Mrs. Bowen concludes, “I really like living here. There is so much to do and so many great people.” Making sure she does her fair share to give back to the community certainly keeps her busy.

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