Breaking News: Residents at one Retirement Community Stay Informed

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Continuing Care Retirement Community ResidentsResidents of The Virginian, a Continuing Care Retirement Community located in Fairfax, Va. have a unique way of staying informed and connected. The community has a weekly news program that is hosted by residents Ruth Moyer and Ginny Jackson. A significant driving force behind the program is staffer Joan Susan Zeigler, who brings a wealth of experience and energy to help create the weekly program.

As two very outgoing individuals, Ginny and Ruth are involved in a variety of activities in the community in addition to hosting the weekly program. Both came to The Virginian as a result of health changes their husbands had each had. Ginny’s husband had developed Parkinson’s disease while Ruth’s husband had begun showing signs of Alzheimer’s. The health care center in the community offered them the opportunity to remain close to their beloved spouses despite the fact that their health needs were changing.

Ruth was recruited to be the first on-camera personality for the television station. “I had studied speech and language in college, but all I knew was radio since they didn’t have television then,” she said.

The station, however, did not really begin to flourish until Joan Zeigler joined the staff of the community.

“We decided that, in addition to using Channel 2 to cover the weekly news of the community, it would be a good forum to interview interesting people,” said Joan. “We have been blessed to have an array of individuals from every walk of life in Washington.”

Guests on the show have included various authors, the ringmaster from the Ringling Bros. Circus, JC Hayward, staff from the Smithsonian and CIA along with many others.

Not only has the show been successful in keeping individuals informed, but it has led to a sense of camaraderie among the women responsible for the programming. “Working with Ruth and Ginny has been one of the blessings in my life,” said Joan.

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