Baseball Player, Judo Instructor Finds New Home

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As a semi-pro baseball player, a judo instructor, and an Exxon Mobil executive, Irwin Mahr has had a wide-array of experiences. While serving in the army during WW II, Mr. Mahr taught Judo to the other soldiers and was also responsible for setting up all the sports activities on the base. He received this appointment because of his experience as a semi-pro baseball player in New Jersey.

Mr. Mahr was honorably discharged from the Army with the rank of Corporal. He later worked for Exxon Mobil for many years and was the district Sales Manager in New Jersey at the time of his retirement in 1978.

After retiring, Mr. Mahr and his wife lived for several years in Connecticut. When the progression of Parkinson’s disease in Mrs. Mahr made it clear that she would need additional supervision and medical attention, the family began to consider a retirement community. One of the most important factors in choosing a new home was that the couple be able to continue to live together.

The couple’s daughter, Marilyn, heard about Angel’s Touch, an assisted living community in West Friendship, MD, from a friend, and the family decided to look into it. After visiting, they decided that the supportive staff and welcoming environment were exactly what they needed. Mr. and Mrs. Mahr moved to Angel’s Touch shortly thereafter.

The move has proved beneficial for the entire family, as son-in-law, Wayne, relates, “Mrs. Mahr passed away in May of this year, and Irwin was able to continue with the living arrangements at Angel’s Touch. The facility is very inviting and more like a residential home than an institutional atmosphere. The owner, Mark Wah, has been very supportive, accommodating, and helpful in handling any questions or concerns we might have.”

In addition to the inviting environment, the family has also been impressed by the attentive staff members: “The staff is very warm, kind, and friendly and each of them goes out of their way to be helpful and informative. Mark and his staff make the activities fun, varied, and frequent. There is something for all of the residents to enjoy,” explains Wayne.

Mr. Mahr has certainly benefited from this supportive environment and has become an integral part of the community. Always eager to offer assistance, Mr. Mahr runs errands with Mark and picks up the mail for his fellow residents.

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