An Unbelievable Surprise: Moving to a Retirement Community

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For Bonnie and William Iandolo, trying to visualize their apartment after downsizing from the family home was rather difficult. By utilizing an experienced moving company, however, their move was not only stress-free, but the couple could not believe their eyes when they first entered their new residence.

Bonnie, who started working at American University for the Public Relations Department, eventually retired from the law school’s Registrar Office. When William, a lawyer, started having problems with his leg, the couple knew it was time for a transition.

“When our son and daughter-in-law also encouraged us, we became more serious about it,” said Bonnie.

After researching and visiting various communities in the area, they decided Ashby Ponds was the right fit. Though they were fortunate to have sold their house before the market’s downturn, the Iandolos knew the actual process of moving and parting with their belongings would not be easy.

It was then they were introduced by their son to Joel and Susie Danick of Maryland-based Transitional Assistance & Design. After the move managers gave the Iandolos a presentation, they sat down with the couple to review the floor plan of their apartment.

“Based on the square footage, Joel helped us figure out what we could and could not take,” said Bonnie. “He worked very hard at making everything right.”

It was a relief for the Iandolos knowing every aspect of their move was being taken care of. When the actual day arrived, Joel had arranged for the movers to unpack the couple’s belongings and have it ready before they stepped foot in their apartment.

“I was absolutely floored when I came upstairs, I think my heart actually stopped,” said Bonnie. “They had done such a marvelous job putting everything together and it was all polished; it was like walking into a new home.”

Since their move in December, the couple of almost 55 years enjoy the various amenities and activities of their community as much as possible. According to Bonnie, it is not unusual to be asked by her neighbors, some of whom still have unpacked boxes, how she was able to make such a smooth transition. In response, she gladly recommends the moving managers that made it all possible.

“They are so organized and knowledgeable about problems with spacing and layouts and they ensure everything is finished when you move in,” she said. “It was a wonderful feeling and I could not have asked for anything more perfect for an end product.”

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