An Impressive Trio in an Independent Living Community

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senior citizens in a retirement homeIf you heard the duo of Shirley and Frieda making music, you would think they had been together for a long time. Actually, they just met last summer when they both moved to a new, independent rental apartment community.

Shirley moved to Annapolis from Baltimore at the urging of her best friend. Now her friend has moved away to Miami, but Shirley has many new friends in her community. Plus, her new apartment is on the first floor, which makes it easier to walk her dog, Candy.

Frieda lived in Annapolis once before while being treated for cancer at John Hopkins. After treatment, she returned to her home on Merit Island in Florida, but she ultimately decided to move back to Annapolis to be closer to her daughter and her family. She especially appreciates the community van that takes her out for shopping trips now that she has stopped driving.

Supervising the music making is Woody, a gentleman who takes his role as The Gardens of Annapolis’s first resident very seriously. His doctor urged him last winter to leave his home in Brooklyn Park. He visited an assisted living community, but it offered more care than he required. Representatives at the assisted living facility referred him to The Gardens, and the rest is history. Actually, he has not been around much recently since he has been behind the wheel of his brand new car.

These bright, vibrant individuals can only make you wonder: Who says life does not begin at 88? For these independent living residents and so many others, it is clear that life not only continues but also improves with each passing year.

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