An Important Recommendation: Home Care Agencies

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mother and daughter in nursing homeHelen Briggs was born in Newport News and graduated from William & Mary. She came to the area in 1933 and worked in the Navy Department. Helen met Harold Briggs (who eventually rose to the rank of Navy Rear Admiral), and the couple married in 1949. They had one daughter, Helen. They loved to spend months at a time in a vacation home in Virginia Beach that has over 1,500 azaleas on the property. This was their hobby and passion.

Daughter Helen McNeal remembers, “In 1994, my father fell and shattered his femur. After hospitalization, he became far less mobile and needed a walker. We modified the home to be more accessible for their changing needs. They had a caregiver come in to help sometimes. In 1998, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. Up to this time I was living in Toronto and realized I needed to be closer. My husband and I took care of business arrangements and relocated closer to them. I asked the social worker at Walter Reed what organizations could help us with care at home. She gave us several names of organizations and we hired Family and Nursing Care to provide care for dad when mom was in surgery. My father was rather difficult for the last years of his life due to progressive dementia and being bed ridden. They helped ease us through this difficult time in providing about 4 hours of assistance nearly everyday”

“When my dad passed, one of my mom’s first requests was to continue having Paulette (Family and Nursing caregiver) provide care to her . I was delighted”

Paulette Rosemary benefits as well; she reports, “It’s very rewarding working with Ms. Briggs, they treat me like part of the family” Family and Nursing Care Coordinator, Faith Jones, remembers that “Paulette even cried with them when Helen’s husband passed away”

Helen continues, “My mom has gradually gotten less mobile and has had falls. The great thing about having a home care agency was I could arrange care anytime even on the weekends. I remember being in San Diego on business and my mother called to tell me she was sick. I called Family and Nursing that moment to arrange to have someone with her when she was discharged from the hospital. They provide me with great peace of mind”

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