An Expert Finds the Help She Needs: Hospice Care

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older woman in hospiceA nurse practitioner and a nursing instructor at Northern Virginia Community College, Regina Missett knew what she wanted from an in-home caregiver. Mrs. Missett has been teaching nursing for over 30 years and always looks forward to the student contact.

Of teaching in the Northern Virginia Community College free healthcare network clinics, Mrs. Missett relates, “The clinic system affords us the opportunity to provide excellent nursing care to patients without some of the constraints encountered in more traditional hospital settings. We are able to ‘practice what we preach.'”

When Mrs. Missett’s mother began to suffer from dementia, she decided to move her from her home in Connecticut to Virginia. She knew she would need some assistance, since she was working full-time.

Regina quickly discovered that finding a reliable and trustworthy caregiver is not easy: “My first caregiver was wonderful, but when she quit I had a series of caregivers that I couldn’t rely on. They would show up late if they would show up at all. Some were experienced; others simply were just not qualified,” recalls Mrs. Misset. “I really needed the security of knowing they were going to be there when they said they were and that my mother would be well taken care of while I was at work.”

One of Mrs. Missett’s students recommended Nursing Referral Service (NRS) as a reliable source for caregivers. When she called NRS, Joan Madren, the owner of the company and a Registered Nurse, discussed Mrs. Missett’s needs with her and placed a caregiver in her home within a few days. Mrs. Missett remembers, “The woman they sent out was a jewel; she was knowledgeable and experienced. I really felt comfortable leaving my mother with her.”

Mrs. Missett was so pleased with the services of NRS that she turned to them again when her husband became ill. “I realized that I couldn’t take care of him by myself, and I called NRS again. This time I knew I needed live-in nursing service. NRS had someone moved in and settled in less than two days, and she was wonderful. She assisted me in providing personal care for my husband. Frequently, she helped me out by doing things she was not even required to do,” says Mrs. Missett.

Mrs. Missett was also impressed by the superior level of service provided: “I am a professional, and I knew what I wanted, and I knew how I wanted it done. I have to admit, though, that my caregiver even taught me a few tricks. There are certainly some bad people in the industry, but these caregivers were skilled and reliable.”

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