An Endless Weekend for one Retirement Community Couple

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grandparents in a retirement community in maryland“You look out the window, and you see geese fly over. It is so relaxing here,” says Charlie Wilson of life on the Eastern Shore. Charlie, an entrepreneur who started his own office equipment business, and his wife Betsy, a long time school teacher and homemaker, moved to the Eastern Shore after retiring. They sold their home in Baltimore and moved to historic downtown St. Michaels, MD. The move to the Shore was a natural progression for the couple, as Betsy explains: “We started to weekend in St. Michaels, and the weekends just kept getting longer and longer.”

After living in St. Michaels for nearly 25 years, the Wilsons began to consider a move to a retirement community. Betsy explains, “We knew that the time was coming. The maintenance of the home was becoming more difficult for us.” Charles adds, “You see a lot of your friends moving, and you realize that if you are going to do it, you need to do it while you still can.” The couple also wanted to ensure that their children did not have to worry about their future and that they were able to make their own decisions.

Once they had decided they were ready to move, the couple began researching local retirement communities, as well as communities in other parts of the country. They kept their initial search broad because they were “looking for the perfect location.” Staying at several communities allowed the Wilsons to narrow their search. They toured communities around the country but quickly realized they had already found their ideal home-the Eastern Shore. This realization led them to nearby Easton, MD and Londonderry Retirement Community.

“We knew several people associated with Londonderry, and some of our friends from St. Michaels had already moved there. We knew that it was a beautiful community and that they had an excellent staff,” Betsy says. Their short-distance move has afforded the couple the opportunity to continue enjoying the relaxing, small-town lifestyle of the Eastern Shore, with the added benefit of knowing that any care they may need in the future will be provided.

For now, Charles and Betsy are busy enjoying all the wonderful activities at Londonderry, including discussion groups, entertainment, and day and evening trips. One of their favorite activities, though, is socializing with their new friends in the community dining room. Betsy notes, “Our dining room is such a happy place. You walk in, and you can tell that everyone is having a grand time. The food is delicious too.”

Some things the Wilsons are not doing: outdoor chores, home repairs, cooking, and cleaning. Eliminating this arduous list leaves plenty of time for gazing out the window at the three nearby lakes-just waiting for that next flock of geese.

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