An Easy Move for These Great-Grandparents

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Neill and Brenda Miller met at an insurance company in Boston and were married shortly thereafter. The couple raised eight children and now enjoys spending time with their 19 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

They had been living in their family home in Ellicott City for 15 years when their children began to encourage them to make the move to a retirement community. After a brief search, the Millers chose Charlestown, an Erickson Retirement Community in Catonsville, MD. The staff at Charlestown gave Mr. and Mrs. Miller information about moving companies and moving coordinators to help them make the transition.

The couple called Senior Transitions, Inc. for help with the move and was pleasantly surprised by the comprehensive services they offered. “I am so grateful that we called them; I tell everyone about Senior Transitions,” says Mrs. Miller. She continues, “We really could not have done it alone, and they were just so great. The staff was very hardworking and pleasant, and they certainly did not waste one minute.”

The moving coordinators packed all of the Millers belongings and even helped them get settled into their new apartment. With all the stress of the move relieved, the Millers found themselves “joking and laughing and having a great time, all while our house was being packed up.”

Walking into an apartment that was completely set up made their transition nearly seamless. “The cabinets were full, and the bed was made; there were even towels in the bathroom. They made sure we had everything we needed to be comfortable on the very first night,” remembers Mrs. Miller.

After just six weeks at Charlestown, the Millers feel like they settled into their new home “a long time ago.” Mrs. Miller sums up their experience, saying, “Knowing what I know now, I think it would be absolutely ridiculous to attempt to do all the work involved in moving on your own, especially when there is such wonderful help available.”

Not having to worry about going through boxes gave the Millers more time to make new friends at the community. They are now enjoying dinners with their fellow residents and are still deciding what new activities they would like to pursue.

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