An Easy Decision for Senior Living

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The Maryland Masonic Homes hosts a variety of residents from all walks of life, however, there is always a common bond between them that exceeds all else, brotherhood. When Samuel Hottle decided it was time to move into a retirement community, this commonality made the Masonic Homes an easy choice.

“I knew I could trust everyone,” Mr. Hottle stated. “And I knew I would run into many people that I know.” This indeed proved to be true as upon the first night entering the dining room he recognized faces from years ago.

Mr. Hottle is a 33rd degree Mason, a member of the Mt. Moriah Lodge #116 and in the past very active in the Scottish Rite. As he had a knack with a camera, he was often asked to take photographs of different events which brought him to Bonnie Blink on many occasions. The building itself so impressed him that he knew, even then, that if he ever needed a place to go, this would be home.

Although Sam retired as a sales manager of a family-owned manufacturing company, he had spent most of his earlier years in the air as a pilot. Now he resides high on the hill overlooking Hunt Valley in a large one-bedroom apartment with a small office where he spends a lot of time emailing his friends and family. Mr. Hottle was proud to show off his new home too at his recent 90th birthday party where several guests attended from Massachusetts to New Mexico.

Besides his spacious home with a view, Mr. Hottle has access to a variety of amenities at the community from a Chapel to patio and lounge areas, along with services that include scheduled transportation, housekeeping and linen services.

When asked how he has been enjoying his new life, Sam said, “If I had to do it all over again, I would do it a lot quicker.”

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