An Assisted Living Residence That Feels Like Home

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Gertrude (Trudy) Sussman worked well in to her 80s managing the books for a large medical group in New Jersey. She was a bit of a legend in both the medical group and the hospital to which it was attached. She thrived on work and interacting with her colleagues. She celebrated weddings, births, and then the weddings of the children whose births she had celebrated.

Trudy has been widowed for many years. She had three children who gave her seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Although most of her working life was spent in New Jersey, Trudy raised her family in a small town in New York where, at various times, she worked for the school system, the bank, and an agricultural supply company.

During these years, she was also active in the community. She wrote for a local newspaper and participated in amateur theater productions to raise money for charities. She also bowled and loved to dance. After moving to New Jersey, she continued bowling and recorded a score of over 200 when she was in her 70s. Her other interests included regular visits to New York for Broadway shows, and traveling. She has visited Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Having led such an active life, Trudy, nor her family, had ever seriously addressed the issue of retirement. When she had a stroke, her family was not well prepared for finding her a safe and pleasant place to live. After an extended period in a rehabilitation facility, she was ready for discharge, and the scramble to find her a home began. Fortunately, her son Ivan discovered an assisted living search service.

With this assistance, Ivan visited a number of homes that seemed perfectly acceptable for his mother. “When we visited AAA Atrium Classic Assisted Living, I saw a facility that was not just acceptable, but very special,” he said. “The house was spotless and well designed. The atmosphere is that of a family rather than an institution.” For Ivan, the choice was almost immediate, and their experience since has only confirmed the decision.

“The owner, Devi Datla, is one of the most amazing people I have ever met,” he said. “She thinks of each of the residents as family and has a staff that follows that principle.” In fact, when Trudy was recently hospitalized for a few days, Devi brought her flowers and cheered her up at the hospital. Upon Trudy’s return to the Atrium, she was greeted like family and it truly felt like she was home again.

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