An Assisted Living Facility’s Partnership Helps Residents Go a Long Way

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While working at Emeritus in Arlington, Gary Hughes has seen several residents with mobility issues regain their independence as a result of the assisted living community’s rehabilitation program which was created in May 2009 in partnership with Genesis Rehab. One of the unique focuses of the program is bringing rehab services to residents with Dementia and memory impairment. In addition, the team works closely to train staff and families while tailoring rehab services to the specific abilities and needs of the residents.

The following are real-life stories of residents that have benefitted from the program:

Getting Great Rehabilitation in Assisted Living

Mildred Walker grew up in Northern Michigan before she came to Washington, D.C. during WWII to work in the Pentagon. She worked for several news commentators during her career and met her husband, a Navy Officer, with whom she had three children.

Living alone, she had an unfortunate fall that sent her to the hospital and then to a rehabilitation center. She eventually found Emeritus of Arlington, an assisted living community in Ballston that offers a full rehabilitation program in partnership with Genesis.

Previously using a wheelchair when she moved to the community, Mildred now only requires the use of a walker. “I have come a long way,” she said, crediting the team’s approach to her rehabilitation and therapy.

Using Technology to Rehabilitate in Assisted Living

Alex Almasov was born in Argentina and moved to the U.S. at age 12. After college, he joined the State Department and served in five countries while raising two children with his wife. In 2009, he showed symptoms of paralysis in his lower extremities caused by an infection and, despite several surgeries, did not regain control of his legs.

Alex started a rehabilitation program and had been at two facilities before moving to Emeritus. “The rehabilitation services are wonderful,” he said. “I have made very clear progress in my three and half months here.”

He marveled at the technology and opportunities for independence that his electric wheelchair offers and the progress that has been made since the Americans with Disabilities Act first passed. He has also been impressed with services like MetroAccess which makes it possible for people to better connect with others.

For those facing similar challenges, Alex said therapy requires discipline, but he greatly appreciates the support he has received in rehabilitation in order to achieve his goals.

Occupational Therapy in Assisted Living Makes a Difference

Mary Buckley was not only born and raised in New Orleans, but it is where she had four of her five children. Her husband’s service in the Regan Administration brought the family to Washington, D.C.

Following his passing, she was reaching for something up high in the grocery store and fell which ledi to several complications. She was already familiar with the assisted living community and felt it was an excellent alternative.

At the community Mary serves as the head of the Resident Council. An avid swimmer, she compared the philosophy she shared when teaching swimming lessons to the encouragement she receives in the rehabilitation program. “I don’t believe in telling someone what they are doing wrong all the time; you have to give them encouragement so they will come back the next day,” she said.

Occupational Therapist Pat Smith said, “Mary has been a wonderful student.” In addition to traditional exercise programs, Pat’s team was able to modify Mary’s environment, making her apartment easier and safer to navigate.

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