An Advocate Finds the Help to Stay at Home: Active Adults

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“Aging well is not just paying attention to the body,” writes Peggy O’Neill of Doylestown, Pa. in her most recent column, “The Aging Connection,” for the Bucks County Herald. “Lifestyle and a positive attitude are big factors in aging well.” She writes these encouraging words from personal experience.

O’Neill founded the Bucks County Area Agency on Aging and was its director for 37 years. In this position, she aided seniors through planned and community services, such as senior centers and individual counseling and assistance. At 77, O’Neill is a freelance writer and a proud member of Friends Life Care at Home.

“Friends Life Care at Home has that added quality that long-term care insurance doesn’t have, the OnCallT care coordinator,” explains O’Neill. Though she has four grandchildren and family who frequently visit her, O’Neill wanted a professional to help manage her home care should she be in need. A characteristically independent person, O’Neill admits to feeling uncomfortable receiving help from others. Living in her own home, however, makes receiving needed help significantly easier for her.

“My goal all my working years was to keep people independent in their homes. I wanted to follow my own mission,” says O’Neill. She joined Friends Life Care at Home six years ago and has had the experience of it being there for her when needed. Being a member helps her achieve her goal of living in her own home indefinitely. “My home has memories, pictures, and keepsakes; it means so much more to me than just a house.”

Living at home also allows her the opportunity to pursue other interests. O’Neill has recently promoted a new idea for community dining. It is called ‘Y-Dine-Alone?’ She convinced an area restaurant to offer an evening where people who want to “eat out,” but are reluctant to go alone, may have the opportunity to dine with others in the same position. To help attract participants and local restaurants, O’Neill had a Web site developed,, and she provides it with fresh content.

O’Neill has remained an active and vibrant woman who exudes compassion and intelligence. She fulfills her personal interests by continuing to write and by helping people from different walks of life, and she is pleased to have Friends Life Care at Home available to her at just a phone call away.

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