An Active Member of the Workforce: Active Adults

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Three days a week Mrs. Myrle Shaver travels to a local attorney’s home and office-not because she needs legal advice-but because she continues to work as a legal secretary to Mr. McKenney, the local attorney she has worked with for the past 23 years. With quite a few years of experience behind her, Mrs. Shaver has learned a lot about the legal field and continues to find it interesting. She attests, “I’m happy that I have the job. It is interesting work, and it keeps me active and engaged, which I like.” While she has no plans to fully retire anytime soon, Mrs. Shaver has certainly taken steps to make her life in retirement more comfortable and secure.

Just a few years ago, Mrs. Shaver, who has lived in the Towson, MD area for most of her life, found herself alone in their family home after her husband passed away. Since her son lives in New Zealand and her daughter lives in Wilmington, DE, she had no family in the area, and the responsibilities of home maintenance were becoming overwhelming: “After my husband died, I stayed in our home for a couple of years, but I realized I had to do something to alleviate the responsibility of home maintenance. There was just always something to be done-cutting the grass, shoveling the snow-always something.” Realizing that a retirement community could offer her both a maintenance-free lifestyle and constant companionship, Mrs. Shaver began to consider a move.

Her older sister had lived in Edenwald’s predecessor, Greisenheim, in W. Baltimore County. Therefore, she was familiar with Edenwald, a continuing care retirement community in Towson. She had always liked the location of the campus, so she went to visit. After visiting several retirement communities, Mrs. Shaver decided that Edenwald was right for her because of its excellent location. “The other retirement homes I visited were so spread out and away from everything. You had to take a bus everywhere. Public transportation is so close here, and I can walk to shopping centers. I really enjoy the convenience of the location here,” relates Mrs. Shaver. In addition to convenience, Edenwald has offered Mrs. Shaver and her family a sense of security: “I like knowing that my children don’t have to worry about my safety or future care any longer.”

In fact, the only regret Mrs. Shaver has is that her work schedule doesn’t afford her the flexibility to be involved in all the activities offered at the community. She does, though, find time to go on some of the organized bus trips and to attend church services on Sunday. When and if she does retire, she has no plans to stop working, because as she readily states, “there’s always volunteer work to be done within the community.”

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