Senior Living: An Accessible and Safer Home

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Inabelle Levin has always loved going to the opera and attending concerts and plays.

But among her various interests, nothing compares to her passion for teaching. And through her personal determination and research along with the help of Greg Sieb, an aging-in-place specialist, she can now remain at home working as an academic tutor.

For several months, Inabelle’s family and friends were urging her to move into an assisted living home. Due to the difficulty she has with mobility, they were concerned that living in her home would be too challenging and potentially dangerous.

“I didn’t want to move,” said Inabelle, “If a professional advisor said I needed to, I would have considered it.”

She then sought the help of Stephanie Thomopoulos, a geriatric care manager, who in turn suggested getting a stair lift and recommended specialists who could help Inabelle remain at home. Additional recommendations came from other individuals who had stair lifts installed in their homes.

After speaking with three different specialists, she said it was an obvious choice.

“Whereas it seemed the others were trying to make a sale, Greg from Granting You Access was interested in being a service and had a lot of great ideas,” she said, “He reviewed with me how I would approach my new lift and we made some modifications for a safe procedure.”

As her guide, he chose the model stair lift that he knew would be best for Inabelle.

“The other vendors gave me a variety to choose from,” she said, “But he made it very clear why this specific model would be a superior choice to any other stair lift for my needs.”

With the help of her aging-in-place specialist, Inabelle also has grab bars in conjunction with the lift as well as a shower chair and adjusted walker. They also worked together to move her furniture into an appropriate arrangement.

And for Inabelle, these changes have made all of the difference.

“It is such a blessing to be able to get up and down the stairs easily and safely without pain,” she said, “Greg is very creative in his problem-solving in terms of how you can live more effectively and safely in your home.”

Giving credit to her specialist, Inabelle said she was granted the access to her home that she was promised.

“Installing the stair lift has enabled me to live independently and have the freedom to do what I want when I want to,” she said.

And of course, Inabelle has the freedom to remain an academic tutor in what has become an accessible and safer home.

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