Always Glad to Be of Service

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A career Army man, Command Sgt. Major Albert Kardos experienced Pearl Harbor first hand and later volunteered to go to both Korea and Vietnam. He spent most of his 33 years of dedicated service training medics and running hospitals. Always concerned about the men under his command and the patients alike, Cmd. Sgt. Major Kardos proved to be an effective leader and supervisor. During the course of his career, he received the Army Commendation medal for meritorious service, leadership, efficiency and devotion to duty; the Bronze Star Medal for his outstanding service in Vietnam-`; and the Legion of Merit award for his “exceptional knowledge and ability in the administration and management of personnel.”

Cmd. Sgt. Major Albert Kardos retired in 1971 and was looking forward to moving with his wife, Margaret, when tragedy struck. Their youngest son, Jeffrey, died of Leukemia. Quentin, their eldest son, recalls, “Before they had even located an area to live out their retired years, Jeffrey died. It was a devastating blow that cast a shadow over those years.” Margaret and Albert finally made the move to Pennsylvania, where they tried to put their lives back together. He spent much of his time gardening, and she started collecting antiques and learning decorative painting. They also enjoyed time with their three grandchildren.

Their last years together were peaceful and happy, and when Margaret passed away after 58 years of marriage, Albert decided to remain in their home. He had been living alone for nearly three years when he started to realize that taking care of the house and cooking his own meals was becoming difficult because of his low vision. Cmd. Sgt. Kardos was no longer driving, so Quentin was making nearly weekly trips to Pennsylvania to take his father to appointments and run errands with him.

During this time, Quentin’s wife, Colleen, was teaching 3rd grade at a local school. The family of one of her students owned a small assisted living community in West Friendship, MD called Angel’s Touch. When the student requested several times that the class prepare birthday and Christmas cards for the residents, Colleen was impressed by his caring attitude and told Quentin about the community.

The couple went to Angel’s Touch to visit. “We were delighted with the pleasant caregivers who worked there as well as Mark Wah, the owner, and his family,” relates Quentin. They talked to Albert about a move, and he seemed interested.

Shortly thereafter, Cmd. Sgt. Kardos moved to Angel’s Touch, where he resides today. The move has allowed him to be closer to his family while receiving the care that he needs. Although Albert is still very independent, he likes not having to cook any longer. He certainly does not miss the microwavable food he was preparing.

He also enjoys the company of the other residents and the staff. “My father has a lot more social interaction now, and there is more variety to his life. He goes on numerous errands with Mark Wah, and he really enjoys getting out and going for rides to various places and interacting with people.” Cmd. Sgt. Kardos is very active in the community-participating in most resident outings and helping out with the gardening and yard work. When he is not busy in the yard, he enjoys visiting with his new friends and his beloved family.

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