Adult Day Care Offers Caregivers a Respite

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Bernice moved from Massachusetts in 1936 and worked as a nurse. She met her husband, “Tiny,” at a dance in Ft. Belvoir and married within a year. They had 4 kids, 9 grandkids, and 9 great grandchildren. The couple bought a home and lived on the same street for over 53 years. Tiny died in 1969; Bernice retired, remarried, and did extensive overseas travelling. After her second husband died, Bernice’s daughter Dee and family returned to the area to live with her in the family home.

Says Dee, “Mom bought a beach home on the Northern Neck of Virginia and went back and forth. As mom’s driving deteriorated, she moved back with us full time. She was very active with friends in the area. We began to see that she was becoming less independent. She went to a physician and was diagnosed with dementia. We began to investigate places where she could go, and we found an Adult Day Center.”

Of the center, Dee explains, “It has been a godsend for when I need to go to work and can’t supervise mom. They have tons of social activities and keep her very occupied. She is there 3 days a week, and we are considering 4 days. The staff is very attentive and very nice; they have great activities, and we are very impressed. This is her home and we didn’t want to move mom to a facility. Until I cannot physically take care of mom, she will be in the home with us. The reverse role of now taking care of a parent is not a fun thing, but she was there for me and my siblings, and I enjoy being there for her.”

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