SourceBook Users and Readers Speak

For over 21 years Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook has engaged in a dialogue with our readers and website users.  We regularly test our website with real-life users.  We are committed to constantly improving the experience and resources that we provide.  Although we are the best resource available, we know that we can be even better.

Here are a few notes from our advertisers, professionals and website users/publication readers about how we have helped them:

SourceBook Reader Speaks! In this video Sean Foohey details how he used SourceBook to find his new home in a retirement community.


  • Guide to Retirement Living’s website has been our best lead source for seniors seeking independent living.
  • I am very pleased with Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook and the website and that is why I have advertised, distributed, and referred prospective residents and family members from its inception.
  • People frequently state that they saw our information on your web site or in your magazine. I find it easy to use and filled with a lot of valuable information. Thanks
  • Customer service and graphic design are stellar! Thank you for all of your help!
  • I enjoy the articles and layout of the magazine. I am pleased with our ad and display as well as the detailed listings in the back.

Influential Professionals

  • Professionally as a human resources professional I have used the publication to assist employees confronted with the issues of identifying resources appropriate to the needs of aging family members.  It is extremely reader friendly in indexing and organizing and THE reference I see in the offices of facilities providing services to the aging population.
  • I do need to re order as I just ran out of your wonderful resource book – I pass it out all the time!
  • The most comprehensive and up to date resource in this area for our potential residents. I use the website on a daily basis when working w/potential residents and distribute the publication at our in-house events.
  • I think it has been a tremendous help for our clients who are just beginning to look around. It gives them a nice comparison to each of the communities and in the area they are looking.

Website Users/SourceBook Readers

  • Publication was wonderful and gave lots of useful information.
  • We were very satisfied with the thoroughness of the SourceBook. Our decision was based primarily on personal visits and referrals from residents. The SourceBook provided very detailed information regarding the decision-making process, including several issues we were not aware of.
  • Great source. Thank you
  • I found this website very helpful in narrowing down places to look at. I especially liked all of the info displayed in one place to help with the search.
  • I think that this website and publication is excellent.
  • The book and website was fantastic; I used it for my parents. I’ve recommended it to friends. I will use it for myself and my husband.
  • So well formulated and gives enough information that a person can choose a source to contact for cost etc. Also it helps determine the choice of places.
  • Your research on the senior living accommodations was great.
  • It’s perfect for me – I don’t think any changes are needed.
  • I hope I can continue to get updates because as I am making decisions for me and family members – – different ages – – different questions – – I am finding the website and book very helpful and look forward to the updates as well.
  • I found it extraordinarily helpful and time-saving. I wish there were a similar resource for western Pennsylvania. I wasted many hours finding that continuing care retirement communities in Pittsburgh, PA were too expensive for me to even consider or didn’t have the facilities my wife and I desired.
  • We found much food for thought on your website!
  • I have found your website extremely helpful. I also gave the publication to my mother and due to her impaired cognitive functioning, she has not fully grasped the information.
  • Perfect the way it is!
  • Think you are a good job. Pretty user friendly for such a confusing topic.

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