A Veteran Finds a Dependable Home Health Agency

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England native Christine Aaron can often be heard sharing her stories from serving in the War.  The 88-year-old veteran, whose duties included helping distribute uniforms, refers to herself as a ‘bird’ in those years.

Following her discharge due to a bout with pneumonia, she met an American whom she married and settled with in Towson, Md.  They had three children as Christine pursued a career as a care worker.

When her husband passed away, she proceeded to live with her daughter and son-in-law.  A cancer survivor, Christine has severe arthritis and started requiring more assistance than her working loved ones could provide.  She knew she wanted to remain at home as opposed to making the transition to a senior housing option, so she looked to outside resources for making this possible.

With the help of a local veterans organization, she was referred to Linda Tomarchio with Options for Senior America, a company that provides in-home care throughout the state of Maryland as well as Washington, D.C. and Virginia.

Christine receives home care for 20 hours during the workweek.  In addition to offering assistance with daily activities, her primary caregiver, Whitney Anderson, provides Christine with her needed oxygen and colostomy bag.  Each day, Christine looks forward to the companionship and support she has found with Whitney.

“They’ve been very good to us.  My caregiver comes five days a week and she bathes me and cooks,” she said.

She also maintains her connections with the veterans organization who also offer her assistance by providing wheelchairs, walkers and stairlifts.  With all of the support she has received, she enjoys taking care of her bird Ringo, which she proudly named after the Beatle.  She also spends her time getting together with friends from church.

“I love being around people,” she said.  “I belong to the Baptist church and we have all kinds of dinners.”

Most importantly, however, Christine knows utilizing the services of a home care company has given her family peace of mind.

“Options is wonderful,” she said.  “They’ve always been there to send someone to help me.  They have been very good and have never let me down.”

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