A Valuable Connection with a Home Care Company

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Joel and Doris Richmond Who Utilized a Home Health Agency

After the passing of his wife, Doris, Joel Richmond moved to an assisted living community where he has been receiving home care services, which give his son Allan, peace of mind.

For the ‘sandwich generation’, finding the appropriate care for a parent can be a stressful time, but it is particularly difficult if an adult child is without the support of siblings or other family. This was the case for Allan Richmond when his mother passed away in November of 2006.“She was the independent one and really the caretaker of my dad giving him his medications and things like that,” he said.  “Although my dad could walk around fairly well, at that time it was a two-story house and I knew he could not stay there alone.”

Allan’s father, Joel, worked for Glenn L. Martin making planes during WWII and eventually went into his wife’s family business full-time, helping her run their store, Ray’s Children Shop.  Living with his wife, Doris, and Allan above the popular spot near downtown Baltimore, Joel and Doris ran the business until they sold it in 1989.

By the time Allan helped move Joel into Springhouse, an assisted living community in Pikesville, he fortunately already had connections with the home care company, Nurses Available.

“They had provided intermittent services for my parents, such as transportation, and they would help in emergency situations,” said Allan.

The company was still assisting Joel in 2008 when he had a mild heart attack that caused him to lose his ability to walk.   Since Allan and his wife were out of the country at the time, Pat Kloiber, manager of Nurses Available, immediately stepped in to ensure Joel was provided with 24-hour care.

He has maintained this full-time care ever since, receiving assistance with dressing, bathing and meal preparation, among other services.

“He has 14 shifts a week and six caregivers who alternate working with him,” said Allan.  “They really know him personally since each individual has been with my dad for at least a year and they’ve been very good working with him.”

Most importantly, Allan’s longstanding relationship with the home care company has allowed him peace of mind, despite the fact that he sees his father up to six days a week.

“I do the best I can, but we occasionally go away, so I’m thankful we’ve been able to work with an agency that offers us this stability,” he said.



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