A Team Effort Results in a Better Life at a Retirement Community

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grandparents enjoy wii bowling in senior homeIf you are looking for Alan and Millie Macfarlan, you might want to check out the Wii bowling activity area at Twining Village. In fact, visiting them may require an appointment.

As one-year residents of Twining Village, a Diakon Lutheran Senior Living Community in Holland, Pa., the couple fill their days with enjoyable activities, including socializing with friends in the new home. Whether attending a bingo game in the afternoon or seeing a movie at night, the Macfarlans keep themselves busy and love every minute of it.

“We moved to Twining Village over a year ago from the Churchville area because our large home was becoming too difficult to maintain,” explains Mrs. Macfarlan. “Along with the security and easy living at Twining, the activities and social aspect are just wonderful for us””and our health.”

Studies have shown that when older adults participate in a variety of activities, their health and sense of well-being improves. For this reason, senior living communities offer a wide range of stimulating programs, so that the individual needs of each resident are met.

As a Continuing Care Retirement Community, Twining Village provides numerous activities and programs while allowing residents a sense of security with its personal care accommodations and available nursing and rehabilitative care. Beverly Gowton, the director of community life, plans a variety of social programs and activities that challenge the mind and stimulate the imagination. Gowton encourages residents to join activities that spark their interest and she assists in starting new programs as needed or requested. Whether they are passionate about art, music, card games, travel, sporting events, or knitting, people will find something for everyone at Twining Village.

According to Gowton, Wii Bowling is a wonderful activity for the older person. “If you break down the actual activity, it provides for a wide variety of stimulation, socialization, eye-hand coordination, finger dexterity, body movement and, most importantly, it challenges the brain to think by remembering patterns. Many of the residents participate in tournaments with other local senior living communities. There is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition to get everyone up and moving.”

In fact, no matter what your age, you should participate in some type of leisure activity, advises Gowton. “As we mature, it is extremely important for us to continue to maintain those activities as much as possible. For seniors, enjoying life can help them delay the aging process and in some cases, slow down age-related illnesses. An active, busy lifestyle keeps your mind and body healthy for a longer time.”

Mrs. Macfarlan experienced several medical concerns before moving to Twining Village, but since then, she says, she couldn’t feel better. “I had several strokes and a hip replacement, but I am able to participate in so much here, nothing keeps me down. In fact, I want to start water aerobics.” Her activities roster also includes Canasta, Rummy Q, and crafts.

Along with Wii bowling, Mr. Macfarlan is in charge of movie night and plays shuffleboard.

“I believe that seniors should not sit around and watch television all day; it is important to get out and get active,” says Mrs. Macfarlan. “I try to encourage all of my neighbors to participate in the activities Twining has to offer. There’s something for everyone here. You just have to look for it and you will find it. And if someone has a new idea for an activity, they can make it happen.”

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