A Successful Decision: Choosing to live in a Retirement Community

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A common issue facing many of today’s seniors is the life-changing decision of whether or not to move into a retirement community. Not only is this decision a difficult one, but along with this step comes the questions, “Where do I want to go?” and “Am I really ready for this?” This challenge was met recently by one of Maryland Masonic Home’s newest residents, Dorothy (Dottie) DeHaven.

Although she had always been self-reliant and independent, Dottie began to realize that she needed to make a change. As her family was spread throughout Maryland, she feared that if something were to happen to her she would not know what to do or where to go. Further prompted by advice from her physician, Dottie began the process of gathering information. As there are many options in Baltimore County, Dottie was soon inundated with informational brochures.

Recalling the experience of a late, distant family member who resided at Maryland Masonic Homes and was always so busy that “her daughter would have to make an appointment just to see her,” Dottie made the call. Peering through yet another packet, she happily realized that this Continuing Care Retirement Community was an affordable option offering all of the services and amenities that were most important to her. Most importantly, it offered the security and peace of mind for which she was searching. As soon as she came in for a tour, she noticed the warmness of the staff and other residents and knew that her decision had been made. Luck was certainly on Dottie’s side as an ideal apartment was available for occupancy. Dottie moved quickly to secure this desirable unit and moved in October of 2008.

Dottie has become an integral part of the community and she fondly remembers that “as soon as I moved in I felt like part of a great big family.” She finds herself busy once again being part of the Program Committee for the Resident Council and a member of the Bonnie Singers. Dottie also enjoys participating in the many social activities, playing Bingo, relaxing and helping to build jigsaw puzzles. When asked if she made the right decision to move, her reply is always, “this was the best decision I’ve made in my life!”

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