A Special Delivery: Errands for the Elderly

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In the midst of busy schedules and unforeseen circumstances, it can become challenging to accomplish essential everyday tasks. Fortunately, there is a growing array of services that can meet various individual needs.

Dolores McGutherie is one example proving just how beneficial taking advantage of these unique resources can be. Following retirement, her husband returned home one day and mentioned an organization he had heard about that could deliver groceries right into one’s kitchen and even unpacked and put the groceries away when needed.

Top Banana Home Delivered Groceries, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose services enable individuals to live healthier and more independent lives. Knowing this reputation and having met people from the organization, the couple decided to give it a try.

“We thought we both would like it and we certainly did,” said Dolores.

Almost every week, she and her husband made a list for groceries and placed a simple phone call to Top Banana who in turn delivered those items on a consistent schedule.

When her husband passed and Dolores began experiencing her own health problems, this service became even more vital in helping her to remain within the comforts of her home.

“After he passed, I stuck with them and they’ve helped me quite a bit,” she said. “It’s hard for me to get to the store and they assist me with the products and everything that I need.”

After 15 years with Top Banana, Dolores continues to place her order almost every week knowing her groceries will arrive promptly (at her door) on Friday mornings. This convenience has enabled Dolores to engage in more activities at the church she recently joined.

As a result, she does not hesitate to mention the trusted organization to other residents of her building.

“Top Banana is very helpful and I would recommend them to anybody,” she said.

With several available resources, individuals can surely find whatever they need to achieve their immediate or long-term goals. And because she sought help from a trusted organization, Dolores has maintained her independence and ability to age in place.

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