A Senior Community Keeps a Couple Together

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retirement home keeps loving couple together in Pa.Throughout their 51 years of marriage, Kay and Joe Arietta have always been a team, and their devotion for one another remains evident to those around them at Sunrise at Floral Vale, a community in Yardley, Pa. that has enabled them to stay together.

What makes their story even more special is the fact that Kay and Joe have each been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. After being placed in a local assisted living community where they were in separate living quarters, the Ariettas refused to remain apart.

Now living at Sunrise at Floral Vale, which specializes in Memory Care, the couple is not only attached at the hip, but they receive the assistance they need through individualized service plans. While they are cued and programmed with the staff throughout the day, the Ariettas continue to remain as active as possible.

According to Activities Director Ruth Scherr, the couple can often be seen looking over the calendar of activities and helping set up chairs for the weekly entertainment. They enjoy venturing out to church, lunch or the movies with staff as well as bowling and playing horseshoes. Kay even participated in a special Valentine’s Day activity where she wrote the following prose about Joe:

“Our hearts fell in love a long time ago…I knew in a moment I was falling for Joe. Kindness, gentleness and special care…Were just a few of the traits he shared.”

“It just goes to show that they continue their love affair here,” said Callista Oberholtzer, director of Community Relations. “They’re still able to be together with their challenges, surrounded by others who care about them.”

The Ariettas prove just how love and support can help individuals withstand any obstacles as the staff has even taken note that Kay and Joe have figured out how to utilize one another’s remaining abilities to function as a pair.

“Even though folks have Alzheimer’s or some form of dementia, their human needs are always there regardless,” said Callista. “Kay and Joe are an example of that; you can see them holding hands and wanting to be connected. The human need of having contact with someone is very much still alive for them and will always be.”

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