A Retirement Community Close to Home

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As longtime dairy farmers, Sally and Bill Moore managed to expand their property to 800 acres and have taken pride in

The Moores on a Cruise with Fellow Retirement Community Residents

For Sally and Bill Moore, it was never a question that they would move to Ware Presbyterian Village due its reputation in senior living, rural setting and close proximity to their dairy farm.

their family receiving a Master Farmer award for the mid-Atlantic region.  Therefore, it was not surprising that when they ultimately decided to move to a retirement community, they did not want to stray far from their life’s work.  Fortunately, they were already familiar with Ware Presbyterian Village, a continuing care community in Oxford, Pa. that they knew would offer them an ideal location and security for their future years.

Although farming was their primary career, the Moores had taken on other jobs over the years.  Sally worked for the agricultural extension service for a year and while farming, she wrote for the local newspaper and taught sewing classes in their home.  A Penn State football fan, Bill was a Boy Scout leader and served on different farming boards, including the Chester County Agland Preservation Board.

Naturally as farmers, they enjoyed taking care of the different animals they accumulated.  “We started the farm with 60 cows and now we have 800,” said Sally.  “I also had sheep at one point and used their fleece for spinning.  Today, Bill has four horses and a couple of oxen on the farm.”

The couple was prompted at an early age to look into retirement living options as a result of the experiences they each had with their loved ones.

“When our mothers were 85, we basically had to force them to move, but they ended up having a wonderful time,” said Sally.  “My mother was at Ware Presbyterian Village, so we had agreed when we were closer to 75, we were moving.”

In addition to Sally knowing the Ware family, the support her mother had received and the couple’s desire for a charming rural setting led the couple to immediately put their name on the waiting list, and they were actually able to move sooner than they anticipated.  They attributed this fortune to the fact that, unlike many of their peers, they did not have to worry about selling their property as they gladly went into business with their son and daughter-in-law who now primarily run the farm.

For the past year and a half, the Moores have enjoyed taking advantage of the various amenities at their home while Bill still visits the farm daily.  “It’s only 20 minutes away, which has been very handy for us,” said Sally.

When they are not visiting the property, they are often utilizing the fitness center at Ware Presbyterian Village while Sally remains busy on the Activities Committee.  Although they knew some individuals at the community prior to moving in, the Moores said they are always making friends at dinner or the numerous socials and even went on a cruise recently with a group of fellow residents.

And their amount of friends will only increase as a result of the Ware expansion project which will add new Independent Living villas and apartments.  “Having more people will lead to more activities and opportunities for socialization,” said Sally.

Regardless of its size, the Moores know Ware Presbyterian Village will maintain the reputation they have always known.  They could not be happier with its vibrant environment and the peace of mind they have with the continuum of healthcare services provided by a supportive staff.

“We like this community and we’ve known about it for a long time.  We’re very glad we made the decision,” said Sally.

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