A Professional in Real Estate Finds Assistance When Making the Move

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A Professional in Real Estate Finds Assistance When Making the MoveThe process of downsizing and selling the family home is often overwhelming, even for those with a background in the moving industry. A real estate broker for 25 years, Carol Fine, and her husband, Richard, wanted to make a quick move from their five-bedroom house three years ago, and with the help of Downsize, Etc., they were able to do just that.


Married for 53 years, the Fines have two children. While Richard enjoys playing golf and swimming, Carol can often be seen sewing or settling down with her latest read.


It was when she was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s that they decided it was time to make the transition and ended up selling their home within a few weeks. “We couldn’t do it ourselves. It was just so overwhelming to stand there and figure out what to take or sell,” she said.


Fortunately, she was introduced to Nancy Malphrus and Bart Goldstein of Downsize, Etc., a company that specializes in real estate, liquidation and design. “Nancy came over and knew what we needed to do,” said Carol. “I was extremely impressed with her presentation and guidelines for downsizing.”


The couple then visited their future two-bedroom apartment with Bart, who drew up a diagram, factoring in the particular furniture they wanted to take.


“They recommended a moving company that was terrific,” said Carol. “It was also a very controlled environment as they limited the number of people who could go through the house.”


Not only were their valuables properly cared for and secure, but the Fines’ home was left spotless. According to Carol, Bart and Nancy made all of the arrangements for selling or donating the remainder of the couple’s belongings while Bart helped decorate their apartment.


Since their move, the Fines have continually stayed in touch with the organization and do not hesitate to recommend it to anyone they know considering a move.


“Being in real estate for so many years I know how much is involved and you just can’t make a move like that on your own,” said Carol. “The process for us was absolutely seamless — it was a dream.”

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