A Place to Grow–Dunwoody Village

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Growth comes in many different forms. It can be personal—the result of physical or mental changes. It can also be communal—the result of new bonds or stronger connections. No matter what form it takes, growth always requires change.

Anita Kneass, a resident of Dunwoody Village, a continuing care retirement community in Newtown Square, Pa., has experienced a lot of growth during the ten years she has called the community home. Today, she enjoys an active lifestyle and looks forward to the future.

Anita moved to the Philadelphia area with her family in 1970. A stay-at-home mother of four children, she enjoyed raising her kids in Devon, Pa. After her husband passed away, she continued to live in their longtime family home for several years.

Following a hip operation, Anita began to consider retirement living options. “I really wanted to give my children a present. They live all over the country, and they were starting to worry about me,” she recalled. “Following my hip surgery, they all came here to take care of me. I decided it was time to make a move, and I think they were relieved.”

After looking at several nearby communities, Anita ultimately decided to follow what has become an unofficial family tradition and move to Dunwoody Village. When she moved, two of her sisters were already living at the community. “They seemed so happy here, and I knew it was a great place,” she said.

Anita Kneass has found many opportunities for growth in retirement—whether she is growing flowers or growing stronger in fitness classes.

Anita Kneass has found many opportunities for growth in retirement—whether she is growing flowers or growing stronger in fitness classes.

Anita moved into a one-bedroom cottage, complete with a garden. Her beautiful garden blooms with roses, pansies, chrysanthemums and a variety of other flowers and plants. “It’s so nice to watch everything grow and bloom in the spring, and it really is great to have outdoor space,” she said. “I spend so much time outside on my patio or in my little garden.”

When she isn’t watching her garden grow, Anita can often be found in one of the community’s exercise classes or walking on the miles of trails. “I do Pilates and yoga and line dancing,” she said. “I am exercising far more now than I did when I was in my home. We just have such wonderful classes and instructors that really challenge you.”

“I also love walking on the beautiful grounds here,” Anita added. In addition to the outdoor trails, she also uses the community’s enclosed walkways, which connect all the major areas on campus. “The indoor walkways are just wonderful in the middle of winter, and I don’t know of any other community that has those,” she said.

Since moving, Anita has also seen her social circle grow immensely. She is involved in a variety of activities on campus, including several planning committees. She also helps run the on-campus Resale Shop, which accepts resident donations and resells furniture and clothing to the larger community. “The thrift store really is wonderful, and we have a lot of fun running it,” she said.

Of course, in the decade that she has been living at Dunwoody, Anita has seen the community and the surrounding town of Newtown Square grow as well, from new homes and apartments to new stores. The one thing that has remained unchanged, however, is the convenience of the community’s location. “This is such a great location. We can walk to Newtown Square—to the market, the Post office or stores and restaurants,” she said.

Whether she is watching her garden grow, growing stronger through regular exercises, developing and strengthening friendships, or benefiting from the growth of her community, Anita enjoys an active retirement lifestyle every day. She has certainly found the perfect place to grow.

Published: November 2013


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