A Picture Perfect Life for an Elder Woman in Assisted Living

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elder woman in assisted livingThere is no question that the camera loves Anne Bradley Hancock. In the late 1930s, she was a John Roberts Powers Model who appeared in New York fashion shows at major department stores. Though she enjoyed participating in these shows the most, her face was seen in several print ads for major shopping venues like Sears Department Store.

After her modeling days, Anne became a secretary for a local Baltimore dentist and volunteered at Union Memorial Hospital for 20 years in the Canteen and the Chapel.

In her free time, Anne would often enjoy playing bridge, reading and dancing. Among her favorite dances are the Rumba and Fox Trot.

She married Charles Wagandt Hancock in May of 1956 and although the couple never had children, they spent their days together breeding horses. Charles had actually purchased two mares from the Pimlico Race Track.

Anne and Charles were married for 36 years when he passed away. Following his passing, she decided to move to a community that could provide the care she potentially needed. In 1999, at the recommendation of a friend and social worker, Anne came to The Wesley originally and has remained in assisted living in the building now known as Springwell Senior Living, which is under new ownership and has been completely refurbished with exciting new designs that include an independent living option.

Here, Anne and her peers enjoy a relatively independent lifestyle knowing that comprehensive assisted living care is available if needed. With provided meals, housekeeping, maintenance and transportation, she has the freedom to pursue different interests and participate in various planned activities at her home. Of course, she still maintains her lifelong hobbies of playing bridge and reading.

There is, however, more in store for Anne and her fellow residents as the newly designed community will undergo further expansion.

“I like the beauty of the new Springwell community; they’ve done a marvelous job here! And, I’m excited to see what they do next with the upcoming additions,” she said.

Adding to the beauty of the community is the smiling face of Anne and her peers who could not be happier with the decision they have made. For this former model, life is simply ‘picture perfect!’

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