A Picture Perfect Retirement Community

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A Picture Perfect Retirement Community“It’s picture perfect.”

That is how Jane and Bob Angus describe their lifestyle at Ingleside at Rock Creek, the Continuing Care Retirement Community in Washington, D.C. where they have lived for almost a decade. It is a fitting description in light of Jane’s passion for photography. Her photographs are displayed prominently throughout the community, on its website and in newsletters and brochures.

Raised in a military household, Jane was used to constantly moving before meeting Bob. “I went to ten elementary schools, five high schools, Sweetbriar College and Northwestern University,” she said. “So when I married a Navy Chaplain, my moving slowed down.”

The couple raised two children as Bob served four different pastorates in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Illinois during his career as a minister in the Presbyterian Church. They each began to pursue photography when they started traveling around the world. “We have had a happy and adventurous life together,” she said.

After Bob retired, the couple eventually learned that Ingleside was expanding by building new apartments and embracing a “lifetime care” model. The news prompted the Anguses to actually consider the idea of moving to a community and to start seriously researching their options. Having conducted a “market study” of all the different retirement communities in the area, they confirmed that Ingleside was their top choice.

“This particular location and campus were ideal for us. We love being close to the park and downtown Washington,” said Jane.

The community is now gearing up for yet another expansion with the addition of 15 apartment residences, which will be some of the largest available in any retirement community, spanning 1,600 to 1,900 square feet and offering five different floor plans and many state-of-the-art features.

With these additions, the couple looks forward to having new neighbors as they cited their fellow residents and the sense of community as the most enjoyable features of their home.

“We have such a diverse, interesting and intelligent group of residents living here. We are really a family,” said Bob. “And new residents are assimilated remarkably rapidly.” He credited the hospitality committee with their efforts in ensuring a smooth transition for new members of the community.

In addition to the hospitality committee, the Residents Association manages 18 other committees centered around activities and departments in the community. Jane is currently the president of the Residents Association, a position in which Bob has also served two terms. The residents work closely with management to help make Ingleside the best possible place to live.

Although Bob still plays an active role as a volunteer in a variety of community-based services, the Anguses agree that with Ingleside’s variety of programs, from exercise classes to daytrips, they often have packed schedules. “Usually, we have to make choices,” said Jane.

When asked if they had advice for others considering a move, Bob urged others to make the move while they are healthy and can take advantage of amenities and activities. And with maintenance-free living, the couple is certainly enjoying Ingleside’s amenities, including a private dining room for entertaining guests and climate-controlled indoor parking.

“I know that some people feel as long as they’re in their own home they have their independence, but the reality is that there comes a point in the continuum of living in your own home where you don’t own it as much as it owns you,” said Jane.

Another important aspect of Ingleside for the Anguses is the assisted and nursing care available onsite.

“It is the real advantage of a continuing care community,” said Bob. “When one member of a couple is over in assisted living and the other is in the apartments, it’s not far for them to get together each day. It’s just almost too good to be true.”

With this security and upcoming changes for the future, the Anguses continue to enjoy their busy daily life which, according to the couple, includes “spoiling” their Siamese cat. However, it may be safe to say that Jane and Bob are truly living the life themselves in a “picture perfect” community.

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