A Personal Approach to Home Care

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Barbara Katz and Pearl Malcolm Find a Home Health Agency

When Barbara Katz needed extra assistance for her mother, Pearl, she enlisted the help of Private Home Care. With the company's customized care plans, Barbara has peace of mind knowing her loved one is in good hands and has all the support she needs.

It is especially common today for adult children to make the critical decisions pertaining to their parents’ current and future needs.  Since they can also be looking after their own children, they are often referred to as the ‘sandwich generation.’  While Barbara Katz has considered herself a luckier individual in this group due to leaving her job and having two grown daughters, she still has had concerns regarding her mother, Pearl’s constant care. Fortunately, she has found peace of mind for the past year thanks to Private Home Care, LLC, an agency that provides in-home care services in the state of Maryland.

Supporting her mother came easy to Barbara as she had grown up watching Pearl do the same.  “She worked on and off, but her biggest responsibility was being the main caretaker for her own mother,” said Barbara.  “I had a role model of someone who made it her mission to see that her mother’s life was more comfortable and that she had everything she needed.”

Barbara’s father had unexpectedly passed away in 1992, just short of his 50th wedding anniversary with Pearl.  Since the couple had been living in California at the time, Barbara moved her mother to a senior living community in Pikesville, Md. in order to be closer to her.

“One of the reasons I stopped working is because I wanted to be more available if my mother were to have needs,” said Barbara.  “I’ve been very fortunate to have that freedom to take care of things for her.”

While Pearl had been dealing with low vision her entire life, she had also been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.  Her deteriorating health prompted Barbara to look into additional resources.

“The Parkinson’s was becoming more of an issue, so I suggested having someone come in for a few hours a day,” she said.  “We started the discussion and in the interim, she fell and ended up having a hip pinning.  There was no choice then.”

When Barbara and her mother began utilizing the services of a home health agency, their particular aide soon stopped working for the company.  Fortunately, the caregiver was able to give them what would be a life-changing referral for Private Home Care.

The woman-owned and operated company established by experienced healthcare professionals is licensed and authorized to provide various services including personal care, nurse monitoring, respite care and behavioral consultations.  Members of the Private Home Care staff have each undergone a meticulous professional evaluation to provide home care services from 2 to 24 hours a day.  With a personal approach, they assess a client’s needs to determine a customized plan of care that is effectively communicated to family and all members of the care team.

Barbara could not be more pleased with the individualized care her mother has been receiving.  Pearl has three aids that help her with activities of daily living from preparing meals to assisting her with dressing, providing medication reminders and taking care of her laundry.  “They escort her to programs within her building, take her outside for exercise and ensure she has good nutrition,” said Barbara.

She is comforted knowing that her mom is taken care of and that if she has any questions or concerns, she never has to hesitate in contacting the staff.  According to Barbara, they were accommodating from the start in finding an aide that would complement Pearl’s personality.

“They are amazing; Olga, Nikki, all the women who run the agency are so wonderful to work with,” said Barbara.  “You call them and they’re responsive, on the spot and helpful as can be.”

Aside from the pleasant staff, Barbara said she has found their pricing extremely fair, which has been helpful since Pearl’s time with Private Home Care aids has increased to 9-12 hours a day.  Since the company rates are scaled, the more hours a client uses, the less their hourly rate is.

“The agency we had been with prior was more of a corporate place that was about the dollar and bottom line,” said Barbara.  “Private Home Care is a small, friendly, family-run organization and they’ve just been delightful.”

Ensuring a parent is cared for can be worrisome and stressful, regardless of an adult child’s work or family situation. Fortunately, there are several resources available, and as someone who has utilized this help, Barbara can now rest easier knowing her mother is in good hands.

“It’s been a great relief to know that I never have to think twice,” said Barbara.  “If I’m going to call them and discuss anything, they’re going to be receptive and helpful and we’re going to work together.”

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