A Permanent Address

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As a long-time mail carrier, Frank Robinson prided himself on ensuring correspondence was received at what had become very familiar destinations. There is one address in particular, however, with which he has recently grown quite accustomed, and no, he will not be making a delivery there. Instead, Frank has been relaxing and having fun at this location otherwise known as Chandler Hall, a Quaker-driven continuing care community in Newtown, PA.

For an individual who has served others in different ways, it is only fitting that he found a vibrant home that offers a secure future.

Frank was working at a machine shop when he was drafted in February of 1943. Having volunteered to go airborne, he was stationed in Georgia and eventually transferred to the Philippines.

Following his service, he frequently offered his assistance as a mail carrier and was asked to stay as a regular. “I told my wife when I made regular carrier, we would get married,” he said. “So after I started, we set the date and were married in May of 1948.”

After more than three decades as a carrier, Frank took on a supervising role and eventually retired in 1979. Over the years, his family had grown from his three children to seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Unfortunately, Frank endured the hardships of losing his wife and giving up his keys, having been declared legally blind. For these reasons, he and his family agreed a community that could provide an active environment and allow him to maintain his independence was the best option, and Chandler Hall fit that mold perfectly.

For over a year, he has lived in the Cane Manor House section, where 23 residents have formed a tight-knit community in the homelike atmosphere with a dining, living and family room as well as a covered porch. Like Frank, many of his peers have grown children nearby so that he can host events at the community or venture off-site.

Despite this proximity, his children are grateful for the different levels of available healthcare including assisted living, memory care, home health care and a respite program. Chandler Hall was also one of the first Medicare-certified Hospice providers in Pennsylvania, offering such services to those in the Pavilion and surrounding community.

“It’s a great location and we liked the convenience of having extended care across the street if anything were to happen,” said Frank’s daughter, Janis. “Now he goes there for physicals and eye doctor appointments.”

There is no question that Frank has enjoyed a smooth and comfortable transition to Chandler Hall. Though he loves the prepared meals, he refuses to miss the weekly trip to the grocery store where he freely picks out various items.

He has also had no problem immersing himself in the social scene. “I joined the YMCA here and I enjoy playing trivia games, exercising in the afternoon and watching Phillies games,” he said.

With a prime location near historic Newtown, several amenities and a wide array of services, Frank has everything he could potentially need right outside of his door.

“I am very well satisfied, and the people here are all nice,” he said.

And as the community celebrates its 35th anniversary, Frank is certainly looking forward to his future at his new permanent address.

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