A Nursing Home Artist

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grandmotehr playing musicPhyllis Nielsen is well known at Powhatan Nursing Home and in the Falls Church, Virginia community for her colored pencil art work. Her interest in art started in the first grade, when her teacher asked her to draw something on the chalkboard. That was the beginning of her extraordinary life-long career in art. Completely self-taught, Phyllis has worked in pen and ink, oils, and colored pencils, receiving favorable recognition at local art contests.

Mrs. Nielsen sketches every day after breakfast and lunch in the Powhatan Activities Room. There she has her own art studio set up in a quiet alcove, where she now works exclusively with colored pencils.

Phyllis gets her ideas from magazines and photographs. Her favorite piece, however, is her portrait of her daughter Margo, which hangs proudly in her room.

Phyllis Nielsen was born and raised in Oregon, the daughter of a steam boat captain. As a child, she traveled by boat with her father to South America and other foreign ports. As an adult, Phyllis continued her journeys, traveling extensively, even living in Egypt for 10 years.

Phyllis has enjoyed a 46-year marriage to John Nielsen, a retired federal executive. Although Phyllis has resided at Powhatan Nursing Home for 10 years, John has never missed an evening dinner with her.

Somehow, Phyllis also finds time every day to read and work on jig saw puzzles. But Phyllis can always be found working skillfully and diligently in her studio, a pastime that gives great pleasure to everyone around her.

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