A No Hassle Move

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During her 23 years of service at Bell Atlantic, Lorraine Haban worked her way up from Service Representative to Business Office Supervisor. One of her responsibilities was training new representatives: “I loved dealing with the people. At first, I was dealing directly with the customers, but later, I was training other service reps., and that was really great.”

Her most important, job, though, was as a stay-at-home mother. The mother of four, Mrs. Haban remained at home until her youngest child started school. She then returned to work at the phone company.

After she and her husband of 52 years retired, they moved to the shore for 10 years before deciding to move back to Warminster, PA. They had a house specially designed to meet her handicapped husband’s needs. Despite the convenient design of the house, the Habans soon discovered that maintaining the property was a lot of work. She explains, “The place was just too big; we had a large house and a lot of property to maintain. It became too much work, and it felt like there was always more to do.”

The couple was considering a move and watched excitedly as Ann’s Choice, a new continuing care retirement community, was built. “Ann’s Choice was so close by. It’s beautiful, and it was built at exactly the right time. It’s actually like we were destined to be here,” Lorraine remembers.

Having found their new home, the Habans began considering the logistics of a move. They quickly realized that downsizing from their large home to a 2-bedroom apartment and moving all their belongings was going to be an enormous undertaking. During a move-in expo at Ann’s Choice, they found the perfect solution to this challenge: “When we heard Moving Solutions’ presentation everything seemed to fall into place. We realized that they had the expertise to make the move easy for us.”

After beginning the packing process, Mrs. Haban let Moving Solutions finish the job. She explains, “I started early, but the time really slipped away and suddenly it was moving day. They were able to come in and finish all the packing in one day.” Once their belongings were moved into their new apartment, the staff at Moving Solutions returned to unpack. “I walked in to the apartment and saw boxes up to my eyeballs, but by that afternoon, they had everything unpacked and put away-right down to the spices. We were even able to get into bed that night,” recalls Lorraine.

Watching their new neighbors move-in, the Habans realized how much work they had saved themselves. “I have seen people moving in here with just their children’s help, and they are moving piece by piece, and it takes six months. Our house was livable on the first day, and we had dinner with our children in the dining room here that night, which was so nice,” Mrs. Haban concludes. The ease of their move certainly made for a good start to their new life; the Habans are now enjoying all the amenities offered in their new community.

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