A New Way for Seniors at Home to Get Groceries

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Davis Hooper, a resident at Victory Forest in Silver Spring for the past four years, says reading is a great hobby and especially loves mysteries.  Since getting a computer recently, he has contacted a number of his favorite authors and found them pleasantly responsive.



Dave’s experience in the Navy during the Vietnam War generated another area he finds very interesting-  the weather.  During his four years in the military, Dave worked as a weather observer in the Navy’s weather service.  For stints of six to seven weeks he spent time out at sea on an aircraft carrier.  Their main mission was to land and launch planes on the deck, an incredibly difficult job in good weather and next to impossible in foul weather.  Dave’s critical job was to track the weather and relay information about current conditions to the pilots.  “The Navy sent me for about six months of specialized full-time study,” he commented. “I haven’t stayed in touch with anyone I served with in Vietnam but I am Facebook friends with all the local forecasters and have made lots of other internet friends.”



These friendships and connections are particularly important to Dave because of health problems that forced him to start using a wheelchair.  “I used to get out and around with a walker but I lost strength and now find that I need a wheelchair.”  It was this shift that prompted Dave to look for a new way to get groceries.  “When I used the walker I could still take the Victory Forest bus up to the Giant in Wheaton and get what I needed,” he said.



With the wheelchair, Dave said he found transportation and shopping much more difficult. He also did not have a computer at the time for ordering groceries online.  “I remembered seeing an article in Guide to Retirement Living SourceBook, when I was looking for senior housing, about a nonprofit grocery program that took grocery orders by phone.”  That service was Top Banana Home Delivered Groceries.


“Now, I’m pretty much a regular.They carry just about everything I want.  If I needed it, which luckily I don’t, the drivers would even be happy to put the groceries away.  They’ve always been great,” said Dave.  “Occasionally they help with something small around the apartment.  And Mavis and Marise, who take my orders, have been super.”



As he gets his prescriptions and other items delivered by Kensington Pharmacy, Dave now has a computer to also occasionally use Peapod.  But most Fridays, when Top Banana delivers in Montgomery County, he looks forward to seeing the drivers and getting his brown bags of groceries.

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