A New Beginning: Active Adults

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As a real estate developer, Samuel Rosenstein continues to help develop and maintain area shopping centers. In addition to working everyday, he’s also very involved in his synagogue. Mr. Rosenstein, who has 4 children and 7 grandchildren, has been living in a three level town house in D.C. for the past 40 years. Several years ago, Mr. Rosenstein was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, and recently he has begun to get a little shakier.

Although he remains active and independent, he and his family have started to consider future care options. David and Lisa Rosenstein, his son and daughter-in-law, considered having Samuel move into their home, but he wanted to maintain his independence. They also considered installing an elevator into Mr. Rosenstein’s town home but decided against it.

When Lisa noticed the construction for the new Sunrise on Connecticut Avenue, she called for information and discussed the community with her father-in-law. After several months of consideration, Mr. Rosenstein decided he was ready for a move. He and his family met with marketing consultants at the community and found an apartment that would work well for Mr. Rosenstein.

Sunrise on Connecticut Ave. will be opening this winter, and the family is looking forward to a new beginning. According to Lisa, “It will be nice because the community is so close to us. It will be a nice, easy drive for Samuel. I’m looking forward to him meeting other independent, vibrant people like himself.”

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