A Neighborly Couple- Vista Ridge at Ware Presbyterian Village

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Joe and Gail Scott are preparing to move to a continuing care retirement community and are looking forward to meeting their new neighbors.

One of the golden rules commands us to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Joe and Gail Scott took that advice literally.

The former neighbors married years after living next door to each other. Today, the Scotts are looking forward to meeting their neighbors at Vista Ridge at Ware Presbyterian Village, a new independent living community in Oxford, Pa.

While the couple’s love story started early – Joe was 17 and Gail was 16 when they met – Gail is quick to point out that it was not a storybook romance. “It wasn’t love at first sight,” she said. “We were neighbors, and we went to the same church, but we went our separate ways. He went to Yale, and I went to Muhlenberg.”

When the couple reunited after college, what was an old friendship turned into a new romance. Joe and Gail were married and went on to have five children, who they raised all over the country.

“I was an international logistics manager for Scott Paper Company,” Joe explained. “That involved a lot of travel.” As he moved up through the ranks in the company, Joe and his family relocated several times. The couple lived in Alabama, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Wisconsin, and with each move their family grew.

The Scotts were once again living in the Philadelphia area when Joe retired.  “We’ve been in southern Chester County now for 27 years, and we started to think about moving to a retirement community,” recalled Joe.

One of the first places the couple looked was Ware Presbyterian Village. “I had been a member of the fitness club there for three years, and I had gotten to know the staff pretty well,” Joe said. “I knew that it was an extremely well taken care of facility and that they take good care of the residents.”

Beyond the community’s staff and amenities, the Scotts also appreciated the location. “We liked the concept of a village within a village.  That’s really what Ware offers being so close to downtown Oxford,” said Joe.

Joe and Gail were pleased to learn that the construction of Vista Ridge would provide the opportunity to enjoy the amenities of the community while living in a private home. “We’re hoping to move in around October 2013. We wanted to plan ahead,” Gail said.

Planning ahead came naturally to Gail, whose parents lived in a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in Florida before such communities were widespread. “I’d visit my parents and I almost felt like I was visiting a college,” said Gail.

Looking for the camaraderie that her parents enjoyed, Gail knew she eventually wanted to move to a CCRC. She also wanted to make sure she and her husband would always have the care they needed without needing to move again. Vista Ridge at Ware Presbyterian Village offers independent living, as well as access to on-site assisted living or personal care, nursing care, and a dementia center.

The Scotts already have some plans for how they will spend their time once they are not fixing the house or mowing the lawn. An accomplished golfer, Joe officiates several tournaments a year for the Junior Philadelphia PGA tour and spends most of his spare time on the links. As for Gail, she enjoys singing and playing the piano and the guitar.

Of course, as Joe and Gail prepare for this major move, they are also looking forward to getting to know their new neighbors at Vista Ridge. They are a pretty neighborly couple, after all.

They both invite you to stop by the Welcome Center on the Ware campus and see the exciting plans for the new Vista Ridge development. You may find you want to be one of their new neighbors!

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