A Mother of Seven Feels at Home in a Small Assisted Living Community

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By Christy Brudin

Patricia Sears and Daughters at Assisted Living Home

A mother of seven daughters, Patricia Sears lives in a 15-resident assisted living community, where she enjoys a comfortable environment and feels at home.

“Mom had the toughest job in the world, and she did the best job ever!,” said Karen of her mother, Patricia Sears. A self-proclaimed “domestic engineer,” Patricia was a wife, mother, homemaker, chauffer and caregiver to seven girls.  “Seven girls,” said Karen. “And, yes, no boys.”

After her husband of 50 years passed away, Patricia and her family decided that she should move to a senior living apartment. In her new apartment, Patricia left behind home maintenance and found many new friendships. She also finally had the time to actively pursue her many hobbies, including quilting, gardening and participating in craft shows. “Neighbors and friends ordered her quilts and crafts and kept her plenty busy, which she loved,” said Karen.

When Patricia suffered a stroke, her family quickly realized that the constant demands of caring for her were more than they could handle alone. “We were considering assisted living, but were overwhelmed by the options,” said Karen.

With the help of Geriatric Care Manager Kimberly Landon, Patricia’s family began to look for the right home for their mother. “After touring several assisted living options, we selected a 15-resident home for the social environment and the intimacy of a smaller community,” said Karen of their decision to make Autumn Assisted Living in Cockeysville their mother’s new home.

Autumn Assisted Living offers Patricia a safe, comfortable environment that feels like home.  She enjoys all of the amenities, including a private, accessible bathroom; a full-time nurse; and a full-time activities coordinator. The caregivers at the small facility know all of the residents well, allowing them to provide care that Karen describes as “phenomenal.”

“The care and compassion extended to our mom every day, and the smiles they bring to her face, are absolutely priceless,” concluded Karen. “I have complete peace of mind knowing they are with mom and are taking care of her needs on a 24-7 basis.”

Patricia is “home” once again, and her family could not be happier.


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