Senior Living: A Man’s Love for His Granddaughter

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grandfather at Hebrew Home of Greater Washington dc When Jacob Factor and his wife first cradled their tiny granddaughter, it was love at first sight. And so it goes with most grandparents. But not many of them will decide to leave a residence of a lifetime as well as a thriving career to relocate across the country just to be near a new addition to the family. Jacob and his wife did exactly this, and they never looked back.

Jacob was born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He became a successful pharmacist in that locale, married a wonderful woman with whom he raised a son and daughter, and enjoyed a rich and fulfilling life. Pulling up roots and moving to California was only part of what came next.

“You’ll never guess what a nice Jewish boy from Boston found to do with himself in California,” said Jacob, as he recounted the story of his striking career shift.

Upon moving to the West Coast, he soon discovered it would be difficult, if not impossible, to pick up where he had left off as a pharmacist. He needed to come up with an appealing alternative.

With a lifelong attraction to the glamor and excitement of casinos, Jacob decided, why not work in one? He took the qualifying exam, passed with flying colors, and thus began his second career as a casino dealer. It was an unconventional path for a former pharmacist, but he loved it, and when his wife saw how much fun he was having, she became a dealer too.

Jacob and his wife eventually moved back east, again to follow his daughter and her family, and spent many years living independently at Ring House, part of Charles E. Smith Life Communities.

Now 92 years old, Jacob is a resident of the Hebrew Home of Greater Washington, a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility on the Charles E. Smith Life Communities campus. Here, Jacob receives 24-hour care and assistance, and he can take advantage of myriad services, including regular medical rounds conducted by full-time, on-staff physicians specializing in geriatric care and highly equipped dental and podiatry clinics. While the skilled nursing residence is open to all in the community and respects a variety of traditions and observances, it offers weekly Sabbath services and kosher food.

What about the most important aspect of Jacob’s life? That baby granddaughter is now grown up (as is her brother, a college student), and her parents, Jacob’s daughter and son-in-law, live nearby. With great pride, he displays a magazine featuring an article about his daughter, Phyllis F. Scheinberg, assistant secretary for Budget and Programs and chief financial officer at the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Clearly Jacob has much to be proud of in his life, but his smart decision when it came to selecting a housing option catering to his level of needs is high on the list.

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